essential sparring gear for beginners

Essential Sparring Gear for Beginners

One of martial arts beginners' frequently asked questions. If they need to prepare. Or have sparring gear. To answer that question, it is a resounding yes. Some people think that beginners differ. From professional martial arts players. Well, it is true in some cases. But when it comes to being prone to injuries, they are the same. That is why it is important. To have the essential sparring gear for beginners. To guide you in this matter, take a look at these examples

Essential Sparring Gear for Beginners: Mouthguard

Mouthguard might be an unusual purchase you will make. Especially as a beginner. In martial arts. But it also is the one that might be needed. Most of the time. Mouthguard is designed to protect the teeth and jaw. And also the soft tissues in your mouth. Even during casual training, it is advisable to wear a mouthguard. Also, it is less likely to have dental injuries.

There are different types of mouthguards. As essential sparring gear for beginners, it will depend. On the needs of the martial arts, you are doing. In addition, you also need to consult with your dentist. When buying a mouthguard. For your sparring needs. As regular mouthguards are different. From sports mouthguards.

Sports mouthguards are designed with cushions. For the reason of absorbing shocks. And also blows during training. 

Forearm Guards

Forearm guards are essential. As a sparring gear for beginners. It can help to protect against strikes to the forearms. As well as on the elbow. Elbow and forearm injuries are prone. Especially in martial arts that have movements. Like strikes, blocks, and joint locks. For injuries to happen, use forearm guards.

When choosing forearm guards, choose the one with padding. In this way, you can make sure. That the shocks are absorbed properly. And won’t cause any danger to you. Adjustable forearms are also available. In case you want to make sure of the fit. And security as well.

Groin Protection

Wearing groin protection is the most common. To men that do martial arts. Or any combat sports. But women also use it.  It is because of the fact that sensitive areas of the body are. Can be in danger. As an essential sparring gear for beginners, thre is an  ideal fit. For groin protectors. It should be fit. In a way that can protect sensitive areas. And can reduce the risk of injuries. There are different types. Of groin protectors available. Including cups that slip into a jockstrap. Or ones that are integrated into a compression short.


The head is very crucial. During sparring. That is why headgear is needed. As one of the essential sparring gear for beginners. When choosing a headgear, look for the one that is a perfect fit. And the one that has padding. The headgear should also not move around too much. When you are sparring. And the most important is you can see clearly. When wearing it. A headgear that allows you to see and breathe clearly would be great. So that you can see the opponent clearly. And you can also have a comfortable move.

Martial Arts Beginners Should Know How to Protect Themselves

Martial arts can be quite scary to do. But it is not made to scare people. That is why sparring gear exists. To better protect the individuals. And have an experience that is unforgettable. And more enjoyable.

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