Event Wrap-up - 2016 Green Mountain Open

We were again invited to the 2016 Green Mountain Open in Rutland, VT. This event was fun last year. A small event, it gave people an opportunity to connect better than some larger events and we noticed some folks that don't seem to normally attend events in our area. That was a great thing, and it led to some excellent competition that far exceeded the number of attendees.

We had a chance to debut our new green NoSweat Polyester shirt, which went over really well. The true star, at least for us, was the upcoming whistlekick Martial Arts Showdown tournament on April 2nd. People were really excited and quite a few signed up right at our booth. It seemed that everyone had heard of what we were trying to do, which is a great thing.

There wasn't a lot to report on this event, and that's mostly a good thing. With seasoned veterans running the show, the competition went smoothly and efficiently. There weren't quite as many judges around as usual, which meant many rings ran with three judges, but sometimes there's efficiency there versus having five. I didn't hear any complaints from people, and I saw very few unhappy faces. This event is fast making a name for itself by giving people an enjoyable experience in a convenient location. Sometimes it's about more than just the number of attendees, and this event proves that.

Our next event is our own, on April 2nd, and then we have quite a few places to be over the next few weeks.


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