Getting to Know Our Facebook Fans

Getting to Know Our Facebook Fans

We threw up a poll on our Facebook page recently, asking people about the original martial art they started with. The results came back and we've tabulated the data. Some of the results were a bit surprising.

Nearly half of respondents said they had started their training with taekwondo. While we expected this to be the top answer, since taekwondo is the most popular martial art globally, we didn't expect it to be so dominant. Karate came in second at 25% and Jujitsu was third with 12.5%.

61% of the responses came from Facebook accounts that identified as male, 35% female. The remaining 4% weren't filled out.

In all it took people 23 seconds to fill out their answer, on average. You're all some fast readers!

Of course, we know we have people in our fanbase who represent all of these arts - and more - now. The trouble with a survey is that you always want more people to fill it out. No matter, we had a lot of fun with this and we'll be doing more in the future. 

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