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Top 5 Grappling YouTube Channels

Grappling is a crucial aspect. Of martial arts. And any combat sports. Despite it being crucial. It is still an important technique to learn. Especially in street-fighting martial arts. As a form of self-defense. And learning it can be as simple. As watching YouTube channels. Because martial arts professionals. Are also very active. And passionate about teaching. On social media platforms. If you have tried learning grappling techniques. On other social media platforms. You might want to try. A different type of content. For top 5 grappling YouTube channels. You would definitely learn a lot. And have hassle-free training. As you can do it. In the comforts. Of your home. Here are some of them:

Grappling YouTube Channels:@TeachMeGrapplingCoachBrian

Do you want to learn the latest techniques? In grappling. Well, this channel is perfect for you! Coach Brian and his team made this channel. To teach people. With all the latest techniques. In grappling. And also other types of content. Whether for beginners, or mid-level. Or even professionals. 

If you are in doubt. If you should follow this channel. As one of the grappling YouTube channels. You don’t need to worry. As Coach Brian is experienced. In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. And also in grappling techniques. In his channel, you can learn a variety of lessons. About takedowns, guard passing, and submission. And other transitions. In grappling. He also provides a detailed explanation. Of basic concepts. Such as the balance. And posture. With all these types of lessons. You sure can learn grappling. And also in learning how to take care. Of your body. When doing. The grappling techniques.


Matt D’ Aquino is the owner. For this next channel. On our list. He is a judo Olympian. With a 4th-degree judo black belt. And he is very passionate. In teaching. Not just to be better in judo.  And BJJ. But also the grappling techniques. And strategies. On this channel, there is a variety of videos. That covers a wide range of techniques, and drills. And training tips. 

What made this one. On this list of grappling YouTube channels. Is because it also provides. Advice on how to integrate martial arts styles. Into a healthy. And balanced lifestyle. If you can’t find this kind of lesson. You just found what you’ve been looking for.


This channel is the longest-running. And the most recommended platform. For grappling YouTube channels. And when it comes to learning grappling. You can learn first-hand grappling lessons. In this channel. Handled by Jason Scully. A Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu professional. Who won several world championships. And have done the highest levels. Of sports. 

“Loves Spreading the Grappling Love”. That is what you can see. On the about section of this YouTube channel. You will spread your love. In grappling. When you consume the videos. In this channel. As one of the grappling YouTube channels. It is very dedicated. Not just in teaching grappling techniques. But also giving tips. On mindset. And nutrition. The channel also features. Interviews with other grappling coaches. Who provide insights and perspectives. As a way of giving back. To the community. So follow this one. To better improve. Your grappling techniques. And strategies.


This channel features instructional videos. From Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt Nick "Chewy" Albin. The videos cover a range of techniques. And concepts. From basic to advanced. You will surely improve. Your training. In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. When you subscribe to this channel. As one of the top 5 grappling YouTube channels. Because it will not only teach you grappling lessons. But also about lifestyle.


Stephan Kesting is a BJJ Black Belt. And also an instructor. In combat submission wresting. And his YouTube channel is dedicated. For people who want to learn. Techniques in BJJ. Such as submission grapplers. He also teaches people. Aiming to be. A better fighter. On the ground. This channel definitely deserves a spot. For one of the top 5 grappling YouTube channels. Because the instructor is very dedicated. In teaching people.

Grappling exists. In almost all types. Of martial arts. With that being said, it is important. To learn it. Especially if you are serious. In learning martial arts. To whatever purpose you have. Consider having a list. Of your grappling YouTube channels. 

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