Holidays & your training


The holidays seem to throw training out of whack- at least it does for me.  Not only training, everything gets altered due to the short term priority shifts.  Many people have family traveling to them that they rarely see, or they are traveling to see family that they rarely see. 

Some tips for the holidays:

1)      Make a list of your priorities.

2)      Schedule your time to allow you to meet obligations (family & work).

3)      Stick to the schedule.

  3a) Allow for holiday snags.  If you’re enjoying visiting with family, give it some extra time.  You can make up time at the gym, you can make up for missed work, you cannot make up time lost with family.

4)      Enjoy yourself.

This blog started out as tips to stay on track with your training.  As all martial artists should be aware, life has to have a balance.  If the holidays upset the balance of your training, but swing the balance toward the direction of your family- it’s not a bad thing.  The holiday season can have a drastic effect that may shift your priorities for a few weeks, but you can still have a rewarding season and keep up with your training.

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