How to Maximize Fight Conditioning Training During the Off-Season

How to Maximize Fight Conditioning Training During the Off-Season

While the world is slowly going back to normal, we see a lot of sports events resuming even without fans filling up the stadiums. Real athletes and martial artists understand that their craft is not dependent on fandom or fame, so any time tournaments and competitions will be allowed to start, it’s always a golden opportunity to put their skills and craft to the test.

Contact sports have also started scheduling fights and matches - which is why there’s no better time than now to get back into fight conditioning.  Fight conditioning refers to being conditioned for the sport to be able to perform with less fatigue even after the off-season. Fighting in physical and mental condition doesn’t start during the match or competition but rather in the off-months where you want to maximize your strength and focus on building muscle and gaining strength.

While others are slow to start, you can get a jumpstart

Body conditioning exercises are beneficial not just to your physical health but to your overall well-being. Having this in your fitness routine on a daily basis can produce great benefits to your health from being fit, strong, energetic to an improved mood everyday.

These exercises don't require any equipment making it easier for us to perform and accomplish it anytime, anywhere and making it ideal when you’re traveling or have a time constraint. Here are some of the few benefits of body conditioning:

Build power, coordination, and speed

The off-season is the perfect time for athletes to work hard on the weakest points of their game while maintaining other skills. This is where they focus on building power, coordination and speed to further improve their performance when the time of the competition approaches. 

The principle of specificity in training helps athletes focus more on the specific goal they set out to achieve. For example, if their goal is to run a 30-mile run, they should instead focus on their speed than the length of their goal. By doing this, they develop skills that they already have and improve it even more!

Improve your athletic performance

Athletes want to make their bodies as efficient as possible during all movements they are required to do. If you are an athlete, you should never wait until the week before tryouts to get prepared. It is highly beneficial to train hard during the off-season and find a perfect program that will fit your specific training goals. With the proper strength. Speed or fight conditioning program, one can improve functional movement, add muscle mass, increase power any many more!

Get your blood flowing, heart pumping, and muscles flexing

Regular exercise has many proven health benefits, it can boost your immune system, increase blood flow, reduces stress and inflammation, and can strengthen antibodies. During your workout, your heart muscle contracts making it more efficient to be able to pump blood throughout your body and get your body moving with much more energy and stamina. 

Boosts cardiovascular health 

Just like any other training and workouts, these conditioning exercises can boost your cardiovascular and respiratory systems helping you fight off infections and allow immune cells to perform effectively. Keep in mind that training itself won’t be enough. Choosing a healthy lifestyle and incorporating these exercises can be the step to lower your risk for developing various diseases and of course give your body an excellent performance during the fight!

Burn excessive calories 

All types of exercise involve  your muscles to generate movement, meaning, the increased muscle mass helps you burn calories and stay fit. Athletes and aspiring martial artists’ goal is of course to be fit and physically ready during workout and training and the key to any successful weight loss is consistency. Also, it’s especially important to do strengthening exercises, since aging causes muscle loss and slows your resting metabolic rate.

Increase flexibility

A well-stretched muscle is also beneficial as it improves athletic performance and can help you reduce the risk of injuries, muscle soreness, improves posture and muscle coordination. Stretching exercises can help your body warm up before any hard core training and a well-stretched muscle more easily achieves its full range of motion.

Use science-based training programs 

Fight conditioning your body helps your body adjust as you build more power, stamina, and agility. It helps you feel better overall as you make your body healthier while at the same time gaining confidence and improving mental health.

Along with these efforts, using science-based training programs greatly increases your performance. There are a lot of programs available in the market depending on what kind of training you want to focus on. Whitlekick’s fight conditioning program is available on their website . This program is a new approach to professionally prepare you for your combat sport competitions and unlike anything else in the market, it’ll not only help you get better but can also reduce your risk of injury and increase your rate of recovery.

Their programs have been developed, researched and tested by professional practitioners and it is definitely different among anything else out there. Following this program can greatly benefit you so why not try it out? There’s no harm in trying! *wink*

Train with Intention and Purpose

Everyone knows that fight conditioning is critical, and the best-prepared fighter generally wins. The best fighters and athletes never let their guard down and train even while off-season! Body conditioning not only generates great benefits to our body but can also level up our performance up a notch!

Along with your chosen fitness plan, stay hydrated, follow a healthy diet, and get plenty of quality sleep each night and you will surely win not just your match but in life!

Check out for 3 other conditioning training programs training programs that are designed for the martial artist, by martial artists, and utilizing a combination of martial arts and bodyweight movements that you can use to get the best results!

“Success doesn't start in the gym, it starts in your mind.” - Anon

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