inspirational martial arts quotes

Inspirational Martial Arts Quotes

Are you the type of person who gets easily inspired by quotes? Especially from people who you really look up to? Sometimes, life gets really tough. And as humans, we sometimes feel unmotivated. With that, we seek inspiration. In every aspect of life, we somehow feel the need to have inspiration. Just like in doing sports, like martial arts. Inspirational martial arts quotes can not only help an individual. In being inspired. But also in changing how to see art. And can appreciate it more. 

Bruce Lee's Be Like Water

In the world of martial arts, it would be unbelievable if they don’t know who Bruce Lee is. He is among the famous martial artist who made global recognition. Not just with his skills in martial arts. But also for his philosophical views on personal development. As well as for self-actualization. With that, almost all of his teachings were remembered by people. One of his most famous inspirational martial arts quotes is “Be like water, my friend”. 

The “Be like water, my friend” originally came from a longer version of Bruce Lee’s statement. The full statement can be found on his official page. Basically, what he meant by this quote is for us to be like water. Because the water takes the shape of anything it enters. To relate it in reality, it means that whatever situation life gives us, we need to embrace it. 

Bruce Lee has taught us to be brave and strong. In whatever situation we face in life. Of course, this famous quote from Bruce Lee is not only applicable to people doing martial arts. But to anyone and everyone. 

Chuck Norris’ Quote About Success in Martial Arts

Martial arts is very popular in Asian countries. But there is this one famous person from America who is also become famous. In giving inspirational martial arts courts. He is none other than Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris is a retired martial artist. And actor. He is considered one of the greatest martial artists of all time. That is because of his talent in various styles of fighting. His career in martial arts was a successful one. But to him, success is a basic thing. Especially in martial arts.

If you are struggling to be a successful martial artist, just always remember what Chuck Norris Said:” "Success in martial arts comes from constant repetition of basics." This only means one thing. Practice makes perfect. If you really want to be a successful martial artist, start practicing now. And repeat on the next day. Until you become used to it and have perfected the techniques.

Rickson Gracie’s Quote About Quitting

Rickson Gracie is also a retired Brazilian martial artist. And a member of the Gracie Family. Who is considered the founder of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. As a martial artist, he won several awards and titles. Rickson Gracie, together with his family is also widely known. In teaching martial arts. Especially Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

As a martial arts instructor, one of Rickson Gracie’s inspirational martial arts quotes that he imparted to his students is this: “A black belt is just a white belt who never quit”.  This quote speaks a lot about accomplishing something. It means that anything that we try to achieve really requires effort. And however, despite how hard the journey would be, it’s all gonna be worth it. In the end.

Martial arts can be a good source of inspiration. Not just to people doing it. But also people in general. The lessons in martial arts can also be applied. To anyone. Especially the ones struggling. And it would feel good to be reminded of inspirational martial arts quotes every once in a while.

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