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Top 5 Martial Arts Tips on Instagram

When doing something. You definitely have a goal. Set in your mind. Like in doing sports. Such as martial arts. Your goal may be physical. Or mental aspect. Whatever goal you have. In doing martial arts. It’s important. To follow the tips. And suggestions. Especially from martial arts professionals. Because they know well. Anything about martial arts. And there are many resources. That you can exhaust. If you want the best tips. Like the Instagram martial art tips accounts. Which you can easily digest. For you to apply. And practice. To better achieve. Your goals in martial arts. And to have an exciting journey. Here are top 5 Instagram martial art tips accounts. That you can follow:

Instagram Martial Art Tips Accounts: @muaythaitips

For fans of Muay Thai. This Instagram account. Is the perfect one for you. If you want to learn. Different Muay Thai techniques. They mostly upload reel videos. Of Muay Thai techniques. And lessons. For their followers. To better understand. And if you happen to see. As one of the Instagram martial art tips accounts. You may have noticed. That there are many people engaging. On each of their posts. A proof that people are loving their content. And really want to learn the techniques. 

Following this channel can also be a source. Of inspiration. Whenever you are struggling to practice Muay Thai. In addition, you can also connect. With people who love martial arts. As their contents have a high engagement. So check this account. If you want that kind of community!


Martial arts can sometimes be associated. As one of the best ways. To fight. Especially in dangerous. And real-life situations. To learn the best tips. For that kind of self-defense. Consider following Shane Fazen. On Instagram. He is a martial arts student. And also a coach. 

In his account, you can learn boxing. In 3 minutes. You read it right. It is possible to learn boxing. Even in just a short span. Of time. It is possible. For Shane Fazen. As he is an expert. In teaching martial arts. You can find a variety of content. On his Instagram account. Like seminar tours. And podcasts. Where you can learn a lot. About anything. That talks about martial arts. You should definitely add his channel. For your list of Instagram martial art tips accounts. To follow. If you want to learn martial arts. In fast. And unique way. 


An account that focuses. On delivering the most professional training. For Krav Maga. Aside from that, they also give tips. And advice. In developing self-defense. That can be used. In defending against common attacks. And situations. 

Krav Maga is a self-defense system. Which was developed. And designed. For the Israeli military. And it is used. In practical. And effective real situations. So people are also interested. In learning this type of martial art. Some of the content they post are techniques and drills. As well as seminars and workshops. They also promote community. And culture on their account. Which is very rare. For some Instagram martial art tips accounts. That you might have seen. Or follow. 


For our 4th account. On the top 5 martial arts tips. That you should follow on Instagram. Is none other than. The account of Mike Winkeljohn. This account features tips. His posts cover a wide range. Of topics. From technique breakdowns. To mental preparation.


Finally! Last on our list. Of the top 5 martial arts tips. On Instagram. Is the account of Jocko Willink. Jocko Willink is a retired Navy SEAL. And also an author. And martial artist. He shares tips and insights. On his Instagram account. His posts often focus on discipline, mindset. And the importance. Of training. And preparation.

Reaching your martial arts goal may come harder. But in the end, it would be worth it. Especially if you have people you follow. As a means of inspiration. And motivation. Just like these Instagram martial art tips accounts. You might find them helpful. In achieving your goals. 

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