Kick Target - 5 Tips on how to Choose the Best One

Kick Target - 5 Tips on how to Choose the Best One

If you’re a martial arts aficionado, chances are you’ve been inspired by the greats and their classic movies, depending on the generation.

But whichever generation you’ve grown up in, you won’t miss the inescapable allure of these amazing films.

Many martial artists were inspired to take up the sport because they saw the awesome adventures of Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, and even the Karate Kids Ralph Macchio and Jaden Smith. And for sure, it was the “flying kick” that had kids making a beeline to the nearest dojo to sign up for classes.

The kick is probably the most iconic martial arts move. To martial artists, it’s challenging to perform well; to spectators, it’s exhilarating to witness. 

In perfecting that powerful yet graceful kick, one should train using the best kick target. Here are five things to look out for when buying your kick pads:

Can Take the Hit

Of course, sparring gear, in general, should be highly durable. After all, you’ll be using it hundreds of times to get that roundhouse kick just right.

The best targets are constructed durably and offer the right amount of shock absorption without deforming the shape or tearing the surface for lasting functionality.

Offers Lots of Protection

Sparring equipment is used to offer protection not only to the student training or making the kicks or attacks but to the trainer or sparring partner as well.

The best pads are built to hold up against even the most powerful kicks, giving confidence not just to the kicker but to the one holding the target - that their arm won’t get injured.

Also, a good kick pad allows students to develop and enhance their techniques and add power and speed to their kicks.

The holder of the pads doesn’t get punished with the pain from the kicks because the handles are long enough to prevent the holder’s hands from getting kicked.

High-Quality Make

Be sure to check the padding, stitching and texture of the target.

The ideal kick pad shouldn’t be too padded and the stitching at the sides shouldn’t be puckering to prevent it from unraveling when it meets the tremendous force from a kick.

The ideal ones are made with leather surfacing or high-quality vinyl for a sleeker and sensibly strong feel.

Lightweight and Compact

Targets shouldn’t weigh a ton because it will tire out the arms of the sparring partner.

Remember: training lasts for a couple of rounds, so the trainer or sparring partner will have to carry the pads and endure the kicks from the person in training.

The Price Is Right

Watch out for ridiculously overpriced or cheap targets. While a good kick pad is built to last for a long time, it will still suffer under the perils of wear and tear.

So, buying super expensive pads isn’t really recommended. Conversely, swinging for super cheap targets will only cost you more money in the long run.

Apart from your instructor and sparring partners, your kick pads are your best ally in improving your kicking skills.

Look out for these tips when scouting for the best targets. You shouldn’t have to compromise quality. Aim to get great value from the target you purchase.

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