Martial Arts as a Weapon and Armor for Women

Martial Arts as a Weapon and Armor for Women

When we hear the term Martial Arts, we tend to think of it as exclusively for boys or men. Society has built this norm that women should be timid, reserved, and modest. But this is the 21st century. Women can do everything they aspire to be and join and do activities that men do, including martial arts.


Martial arts training has grown in popularity among all ages and it brings a lot of benefits to our physical and mental well-being. It’s something you could learn, enjoy and apply to your lifestyle. Still not convinced? 


Here are 3 things why martial arts can be a weapon and armor for women:


Learn and practice self-defense tactics

Danger is present anytime, anywhere so it’s highly important for everyone to practice self-defense skills. Self-defense is a skill that is often disregarded in our society, yet is very crucial. It aids the development of our mental and physical health, and at the same time prepares us for unexpected scenarios. Different martial arts styles offer basic to expert skills and techniques that are greatly beneficial in practicing self-defense.  

Martial arts training will gear you up for unexpected situations and will train you to keep your mind calm while controlling emotions like fear during times of need.

Boost physical and mental health (well-being)

Martial arts training is a form of exercise. From the warm-up, sparring, actual training to cool down, everything involves physical endurance and strength which makes it an ideal sport for everyone.


It can help you develop your body muscles, gain strength, and enhance your overall health. Having a healthy lifestyle and looking after your physical, mental, and emotional health will improve your life in general. 

Develops overall self-confidence

Martial arts is a great way to boost your confidence. How? 


They allow you to discover more about yourself than any other sport. During training, you strive harder to be a better martial artist, make friends, build strong relationships with others, and help you practice sportsmanship during competitions. 

Whatever the result is, win or lose, you’ll truly feel proud of yourself once you have overcame your anxieties and limitations. Positive feelings like this fuel us to get through our daily lives and face our life struggles with bravery and confidence.


Are you now inspired and motivated in learning Martial Arts? 

Try listening to this episode where women are in the spotlight and how they overcame their life struggles with the help of the values and principles they learned from martial arts. 


Pursue your own path as a successful martial artist and join a women’s self-defense course today.


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