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Top 5 Martial Arts Doctor On Twitter

Martial arts as a sport. Can sometimes be dangerous. And can result in accidents. And injuries. For that matter, there are the right doctors. And these sports doctors. Can now be found. On social media platforms. Like Twitter. As their way of giving information. And advice. Especially to those who need it. Whether you do martial arts. Or any kind of sport. You will surely need to follow. These top 5 martial arts doctor. In the hopes of preventing physical. And mental problems. To know more about them. Keep reading this article.

Martial Arts Doctor On Twitter: @drdavidgeier

Dr. Dadvid Geier is a certified orthopedic surgeon. He is also a sports medicine specialist. And also an author. With his many specialties, you will surely learn a lot of medical pieces of advice. Not just regarding martial arts. But also in some other aspects. Like mental health, and healthy living. And exercising. 

In this Twitter account, you can also see. His website. Where you can see. The services he offers. Especially when it comes. To physical injuries. He also shares insights. And tips. On injury prevention. As well as recovery and sports nutrition. These are very important to know. In the field of martial arts. So if these are the kinds of content. That you need. Or maybe in the future. You should definitely add his Twitter account. For your list. Of martial arts Doctor on Twitter. To follow. 


Martial arts is known. In promoting lifetime health. That is why it is also important. To consult a doctor. Not only when you got injured. But also even before doing it. Because we have different types. Of body. And capabilities. So doing martial arts can have different impacts. On our body. For Dr. Jason Park’s case, he knows these very well. As he is not just a doctor. Of martial arts. He also plays martial arts himself. 

Other than being a doctor. Dr. Park is also a sports performance specialist. And also a doctor of physical therapy. That is why on his Twitter account. You can see most of his tweets. Are about martial arts. If you are curious about this martial arts doctor on Twitter. Feel free to give a visit. 


A physiologist. And anesthesiologist. Who is interested in human performance. That is what Dr. Michael Joyner does. He is a physician. And also a researcher. Who has studied the physiological effects. Of martial arts training. On his Twitter account, most of his tweets are about physiology. Also about sports performance. As well as general health. And wellness. Which are very important. In sports. Like martial arts.

What made this account. As an interesting martial arts doctor on Twitter. Is his active participation. On sharing health-related stuff. This is his way. Of giving facts. To his followers. Especially when talking about serious topics. Like health-related stuff. You may also find his Twitter account. As an interesting one. Because he also shares commentaries. On the latest research. Related to exercise. And human performance. Like the benefits. Of different types of exercises. And the effects of exercise. On the body’s metabolism.


This Twitter account. As one of the top 5 martial arts doctors. That you should follow. Is very active. In sharing. And retweeting helpful content. From fellow professions. The account is owned by Dr. Jonathan D. Gelber. He gives advice to martial artists. As well as training. And injury prevention.


Dr. Andrew Murray is a sports. And exercise medicine physician. He has worked with athletes. In variety of sports. Including martial arts. On his Twitter account, he shares insights. And tips related to sports medicine. His Twitter account. As one of the top 5 martial arts doctors accounts that you should follow. Would greatly help. Not just the professional martial artists. But also for casual trainers.

Doctors exist. For an important reason. And as social media are becoming more accessible. To people. Is it a must. To follow them. Especially to people who do martial arts. To have factual information. And guides. Especially when dealing. With body injuries. 

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