martial arts for small people

Martial Arts for Small People

Here is some good news for people who love martial arts. But are feeling discouraged and unmotivated because of their height. There are actually martial arts for small people. Martial arts is a physical activity that does not really require a height requirement. But to some, height matters. Especially for people who want to compete and become professional. For small people, here are some of the martial arts that you can practice.

Martial Arts for Small People: Judo

Judo is a sport that is considered as a technical one. It is because it requires perfect timing and execution. As well as positioning. With that being said, body type in Judo plays an important role. In what way? Well, Judo as a martial art for small people can have an advantage in terms of the center of gravity. And because of that, shorter people can have better stability when doing Judo. 

Also, short people who play Judo may also be an advantage. Especially since they are more flexible. This ability can be used when attacking an opponent. One example of a move that a small person can do is to perform counter-throws. The goal of the counter-throw is to use the opponent’s own energy against them.


Sambo, short term for SAMozashchita Bez Oruzhiya is a Russian martial art. It means “self-defense without weapons”.  It is also a combat sport that combines the elements of Judo. And wrestling. Sambo emphasizes on techniques like grappling, holds, throws, and submissions. It is considered martial arts for small people because it does not require physical moves and techniques. Especially the grappling techniques.

To also add, Sambo is good for self-defense that emphasizes neutralizing an attacker. In this way, a small person who may be physically disadvantaged in this kind of situation can be at a great advantage.

Wing Chun

A Chinese martial art Wing Chun is a concept-based fighting art. It emphasizes close-range combat and rapid and direct strikes. This style of martial arts uses techniques of body mechanics. And also the use of energy. This is an advantage for small people because it does not require physical capability. 

Wing Chun is also known for direct techniques that focus on practical self-defense situations. Some of its techniques that focus on self-defense situations are punches, kicks, strikes, and weapon training. This style of martial arts is also perfect for small people when they are in a real-world scenario. And when they need to defend themselves. In martial arts, there is also a spot for small people. And they can still do a lot of things. As the saying goes “small but terrible”.

Confidence Is Important In Martial Arts

There are good and recommended martial arts. For small and tall people. It will really depend on a person’s capability. And purpose. One of the most important lessons martial arts can teach you is confidence. So whatever height you have, it doesn't really matter.  Additionally, there are two most important things you need to prepare. Before doing martial arts. Body and mind. Martial arts is not an easy kind of activity. It is a process and a journey. You need to be serious and dedicated when doing it. So think carefully and prepare your whole being before doing it. 

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