New Martial Arts Apparel Finally Ready (Really Ready!)

New Martial Arts Apparel is Ready to Go

A few days ago we released some new martial arts apparel - the FiredUp and DeepBlue Hooded Sweatshirts as well as the noSweat Athletic Shirt and Little Ninja Children's Tee.

I was a little disappointed with the initial release because the photos we had were... well, terrible. After coordinating with a photographer and a model, we managed to get some decent shots. They're not great, but they do give a much better idea of how these clothes fit and look when worn. Learning about how to photograph clothing and apparel so it shows up well is a new world for me. Fortunately there are professionals out there! Otherwise our martial arts apparel photos would look like... well, they'd be poor, let's just leave it at that.

What's next on the martial arts apparel front? Well, our sweatpants are nearly finished and we should have those in the store within the next couple weeks. Apparel is a mixed blessing for us, because the development cycle is much shorter - we can go from idea to ready-to-ship in just a few weeks when compared to sparring gear. The downside is that there's a lot more effort that goes into the product once it arrives. The photos are just one example.

As an apology, and in an effort to get some feedback on these latest designs, we're offering a very short term discount on any of our new items. Just use coupon code "brr" when checking out to receive 30% off any one item! This code is good until the end of January. And for those of you in the North East, you know why we chose that code! It was -9 at whistlekick HQ at 8:30 this morning. Oh, and we're getting a bunch of snow this week, so that will be fun. What better way to stay warm in the cold than with a new whistlekick hoodie?

I've posted links to the new apparel items below. Please check them out and let us know what you think! We've started to do more work with color based on the feedback we received early on, and these martial arts apparel items got some good comments during development. Be well and stay warm!


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