Online Martial Arts Magazine Seeking Writers

Online Martial Arts Magazine Seeking Writers


For Immediate Release

Soon, whistlekick will be producing an online magazine. The aim is to create something strictly for traditional martial arts – no MMA content here – that resembles the structure of The Huffington Post. If you’re unfamiliar with that website, many people contribute and very few are paid. Instead, the value they receive for writing is that their bio (and, gently, their articles) can promote other things. In this case, the writers would be promoting their own brands and projects.


While the full weight of whistlekick will be behind the site, the site will not be branded as a whistlekick property. We won’t hide the fact that we administer it, but we won’t be calling this “whistlekick Magazine” or anything similar. While the name and domain name are still in deliberation, whistlekick will not be mentioned in either. This puts us on equal footing with other writers.


Every contributing writer will produce at least one submission per month. Active writers will receive free advertising on the site. The more submissions, the larger and / or more frequent the ads. Writing will be edited by at least one other person. Content submissions are expected to fit the following criteria.

1.       At least 800 words. Maximum 2000 words.


2.       At least 2 relevant, rights-free images that are appropriate to the submission.


3.       Fully checked for spelling and grammar issues (both MS Word and Wordpress, our backend platform, support this.) Grammarly is a free web plugin that would also be helpful for style.


4.       An appropriate, catchy title of no more than 50 characters.


5.       A 160 character summary of the piece.


6.       Editing will be done within 72 hours by someone on the editorial board, ideally much sooner. You will be notified when your piece goes live.


7.       Once published you are advised to promote your piece (and by extension, the site) which will lead to more readers.

Interested writers should submit an example writing piece of 200+ words showcasing their writing style and ability to hold to generally accepted grammar, spelling and style rules. 


The first round of submissions is due by 9/1/17. Website will launch 10/1/17

Submit example pieces to

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