Origin of Taekwondo

Origin of Taekwondo

Taekwondo is the art. Of self-defense. That originated. In Korea. And it is recognized. As one. Of the oldest forms. Of martial arts. In the world. The origin of Taekwondo. Is also rooted. On traditional. Korean martial arts. Until now. There are still debates. Where Taekwondo. Originally developed. But generally. It is believed. To have developed. In the mid. 20th century. As a combination. Of traditional. Korean and Japanese. Martial arts. 

Origin of Taekwondo: 1945

The origin of Taekwondo. During this time. Started when Japanese occupation. Ended in Korea. And martial arts schools. Began to emerge. Throughout the country. Where schools promoted. Korean culture. By teaching. Traditional Korean martial arts. 

With the goal. Of teaching. Korean traditional martial arts. A group. Of Korean. Martial arts leaders. Came together. And unify. To promote. Different styles. Of Korean martial arts. And one type. Of martial art. That they formed. Is now known. As Taekwondo. The name. Was chosen. By the leaders. To reflect. On emphasis. On kicking techniques (tae). Hand techniques (han). And way of life (do). The combination. Of three words. Were based. On three. Korean martial arts, Japanese karate. And Chinese martial arts. This meaning. Is one. Of the important things. To know. When learning. The origin of taekwondo. Because it's part. Of understanding. The philosophy. That can help. Not just during practice. But also. In the daily lives. Of anyone practicing.


This year. The group. Of Korean. Martial arts leaders. Was still doing. Their best. For Taekwondo. To have. A good image. By promoting it. So they formed.  The Korea Tae Soo Do Association.  To promote. The martial arts. Of Tae Soo Do. Where elements. Of various. Korean martial arts. Were incorporated. Including Taekkyeon. And Subak.

The origin of taekwondo. Had gone through. So much effort. Especially by the martial arts leaders. However, in 1961. The Korean government. Decided to standardize. The various martial arts style. And created. A single. National martial art. The leaders. Worked together. To create. A new. Martial art. That would recognize. As the national martial art. Of Korea. And they named it. As taekwondo. Which translated. To the way. Of the foot. And the fist. The new meaning. Of taekwondo. Focused on fast. And powerful kicks. And also with strikes. With a goal. In improving. The speed, agility. And flexibility

20th century

Also one. Of the origin of Taekwondo. Is its growth. And popularity. Of taekwondo. Continued to evolve. Especially during the 20th century. One of the notable development. Was the foundation. Of Korea Taekwondo Association. Which helped. In standardizing. The practice. Of Taekwondo. And develop. A uniform curriculum. After that. In 1973. The World Taekwondo Federation. Was established. As an international. Governing body. For Taekwondo. Which helped. In promoting. Taekwondo all over. The world. And eventually led. To its inclusion. In the Olympic Games. As a demonstration sport. In 1988.

Until now. Taekwondo is still. One of the most. Widely practiced. Martial arts. In the world. That is why. It is important. To know. The history. And origin of taekwondo. Not just. For the sake. Of learning. But also. For understanding. And appreciating. The art of teaching martial arts. On a deeper level. That can also help. In having. A memorable. And fun experience. 

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