sparring gear for kids

Sparring Gear for Kids

In this digital age that we have, it’s rare to see kids. Doing traditional and physical activities. At some point, their parents’ guidance says a lot about this. Whether they want their kids to be exposed to traditional activities. Or in modern activities. Which focuses more on gadgets. But the hope is still there. When it comes to kids doing traditional activities. Like martial arts. And kids doing martial should also use protection such as sparring gear for kids. And if you are someone planning to enroll your kid. For a martial arts lesson or school, take a look at the suggestions that we made in this article.

Sparring Gear for Kids: Headgear

Headgear is considered one of the most important pieces of sparring gear. For kids. It is because kids’ movements would be different. When they do martial arts. They would feel like they are just playing. And accidents are most likely. To happen. In case that happens, the headgear can help. In protecting the head, face, and jaw of a kid. From the impact.

When choosing sparring gear for kids, like the headgear, make sure that it fits snugly. And can also prove protection for the forehead and temples. As well as for cheeks. It is also advisable to choose a headgear that has a chin strap. So that it can be secured. During the sparring of kids.


The most common movement for kids doing martial arts is grappling. And sparring techniques. It is because they are easier to teach. Especially for beginners. In such movements, gloves are the best kind. Of sparring gear for kids. When using grappling and sparring techniques, the hands are the ones being used. And doing this kind of movement would also have an impact. In wrist and thumb. So the ideal type of gloves for kids would be the one that fits snugly. To allow hand and finger mobility. 

Shin Guard

Shin guards are use in the lower part of the legs. And it is considered the most important sparring gear for kids. Because strikes and kicks are the techniques, mostly used. For kids. When they wear shin guards during practice or training, they can deliver their techniques well. 

To add, the ideal shin guard for kids should be adjustable. Kids grow easily. So the tendency would be for the sparring gear to be small. And with that, you may need to adjust the gear. According to the kids’ sizes. To save time and money from buying a new one, just consider buying one. The one that is adjustable.


Kids who do martial arts usually enjoy their time. During training and practice. It is possible for them to have a memorable. And an enjoyable experience. Especially when they are protected. Sparring gear for kids is not just used for protection. But also for the confidence of the kinds. And confidence is really important. To be practiced and developed. At a young age. We may never really know. The impact of doing martial arts on kids. Would be.  But one thing is for sure. Their safety should always come first. 

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