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Sparring Gear: What You Need to Avoid

Have you ever had a bad experience? When choosing sparring gear? I am sure that if you ever had, the feeling was frustrating. Of course, it is because investing in sparring gear is not cheap. If you had a bad experience before, let this article be a guide for you. So that you can avoid that feeling. Of being frustrated. And satisfied. This article is perfectly made for people. To guide you on the things you should avoid. When buying sparring gear.

Sparring Gear That is Too Loose

Snug fit is very common. When it comes to martial arts sparring gear. And it simply means that it should fit very closely. Or tightly. In martial arts loose gearis not advised. It is because it can cause danger. Or the risk. Of being injured. Both the fighter and opponent. 

For example, if the gloves are too loose, chances are they will slip off the hand. When that happens, the hands and fingers can be exposed to potential injuries. As they are not secured properly. To avoid accidents like this, make sure that the gear you use in martial arts fits properly. And to make sure that it is properly fit, the best way is to fit it. Especially when you prefer to go. To physical stores. 

Too Restrictive

Mobility is important in martial arts sparring gear. It is one of the factors that is needed. To achieve an effective training. When a sparring gear is too restrictive, it is most likely not to deliver the movements. And also the techniques. To avoid this kind of gear, make sure that fit it first. Or when you buy from online shops, the best way is to check the reviews. Some shops online, include a detailed description. Like what we have here in whistlekick.

Low-Quality Materials

High-quality materials are very common. When it comes to sparring gear. And it is not for the purpose of having much income. For business owners. But solely for the purpose of delivering its purpose. Which is for protection

It is understandable, especially for beginners. When they decide to invest in low-quality gear. But when you do this, you should be aware of the fact that they won’t last long. Low-quality materials can break or wear out easily. In that case, you are putting yourself at risk. Just to be safe, it is better to invest in high-quality materials and gear. You can assure that you are not only being protected. You can also use it for a long time. And even pass it to other people who want to practice martial arts. 

Not properly Sanitized

After finally having your sparring gear, there is a next step. And that is to sanitize. For some, this can be quite a challenge. Others are also afraid when cleaning their gear. But with proper knowledge, you can definitely do it on your own. You just need to remember these three things: disinfect, air dry, and store

In disinfecting, you can use wipes or sprays. To kill the bacteria and germs. You can also find instructions for cleaning. On the label of the gear. For air drying, avoid using towels. Or cloths. Especially when the gear is not completely dried yet. Lastly, for storing. When the gear is completely cleaned and dry, you can now store it. Make sure that the storage is clean. And dry. Also, make sure that the other gears are not stacked with each other. As this can trap moisture. And can increase the chance of bacteria growing.

Sparring gear is definitely not your typical gear. With that, it is important that you know what to avoid. When buying. As always, it is better to be prepared. Than to feel frustrated at the end. 

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