Team Kiken'na Bushido Tournament Success

Sorry for the delay in posting the results, but we wanted to make sure we had a solid writeup and some good pictures to go with them. We're incredibly proud of our first members of Team whistlekick and their first competition as such. Keep up the great work!

"The Dojo of Isshinryu Karate's Team Kiken'na Bushido attended The Isshinryu Hall of Fame tournament Saturday, July 25, 2014 in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The growing martial arts school did the small town of Hohenwald proud by placing well in every event. The Isshinryu Hall of Fame tournament is an annual event and is the largest gathering of Isshinryu Karate practitioners in the United States. Sensei Danny Gibson, instructor at The Dojo and coach for Team Kiken'na Bushido, said “Even as a new school with few students we did well. Size does not determine significance in any aspect of life.”  Gibson also went on to say  "I let it be known to all my students that winning isn't everything, as long as we do our best and have fun we all learn from the experience.”

Students attending the tournament, left to right: Gabriel Gibson 2nd place in forms [advanced], Jimbo Barnes 1st place in sparring and 2nd place in forms [beginner] and Kaden Gibson 2nd place in sparring [intermediate].

The Dojo of Isshinryu Karate teaches karate, kobudo, aikido and Japanese ju jutsu in Hohenwald, TN.  They'll be celebrating the grand opening and open house at their new, larger facility on Thursday August 7th at 6pm 33 E. Main St. Prizes to be given away include iPods and back to school supplies." 


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