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The Essential Sparring Gear For Martial Artists

Every human activity requires an appropriate level of protection. Like martial arts, which utilize almost every part of the body, the right gear is important. Due to martial arts' importance as self-defense and physical activity, it is important to wear the right gear. A gear that will not only protect the body but will also help in having a good performance. In this article, we will dive more into the most essential sparring gearAnd why they are considered a must-have in martial arts.

Sparring gloves as essential sparring gear

There is no doubt that martial arts have a number of health benefits for the body. The one involved is the body. So it's best that we protect it through the use of proper gear.

And for martial arts, one of the must-have gear is the sparring gloves.

Sparring gloves, for martial arts, are essential sparring gear because it is a kind of equipment that protect the hands and prevent injuries when punching.

In addition to protecting you (as a fighter), it also protects your opponent when you use sparring gloves.

Also, sparring gloves protect you not just from injuries to your hands, but also from injuries to your wrists and muscles.

Padded sparring gloves are ideal for martial arts. Furthermore, fingers are the greatest asset of any martial artist. So a secured and reinforced finger is a must.

When it comes to sparring gloves, size matters. And to choose a perfect fit sparring glove for martial artists, you need to consider these four important things:

  • The gloves should fit perfectly over your hands

Sparring gloves should have the right amount of padding. This is to support your knuckles, the back of the hands, and thumbs.

  • The gloves should provide adequate support for your knuckles and wrists

Sparring gloves, as an essential sparring gear, should support and stabilize your wrists and knuckles to ensure that both the user and opponent are protected from any kind of injuries.

  • The gloves should have good ventilation

Good ventilation for your sparring gloves is essential for you to feel comfortable and supported throughout the entire session.

  • The gloves should not feel too bulky

Sparring gloves for martial artists are significantly smaller and lighter compare to other kinds of gloves. It is because of the reason to have flexible hand movement.

Other essential sparring gear:

Practicing martial arts requires more than one piece of gear, as some parts of the body also need protection. You don't have to look further for other sparring gear as WhistleKick has it all. 

Listed below are the additional sparring essentials you will need: 

  • Sparring Helmet

A helmet is considered an essential sparring gear in martial arts because it mainly protects the head of a person. When you use a sparring helmet in martial arts, you are making sure that all parts of your head, as well as your neck, are well protected. 

When choosing a sparring helmet, consider features like the material used, adjustability, breathability, and cost.

  • Sparring Shin Guards

While the helmet protects the upper part of the body, sparring shin guards are the ones protecting the lower parts of the body, which are the legs and the feet. Sparring shin guards are designed for the legs to be protected from impact during a session. 

An important thing to consider when choosing a sparring shin guard is the coverage and the material used. A lightweight sparring shin guard is an ideal one to use to allow you to move freely.

  • Sparring Boots

An essential sparring gear in martial arts that is designed to have a better grip on the floor is the sparring boots. It is best to consider having this kind of gear to let you perform greatly and prevent accidents, like slipping on the floor.

Lightweight and breathable sparring boots are the ideal ones to be used. This is to ensure that the airflow of sweat is reduced. In this way, you are more likely to prevent accidents like slipping on the floor.

Every Martial Artist Should Have an Essential Sparring Gear

For other people, martial arts is their passion while for some, it’s their bread and butter. Whatever reason and purpose you have for doing this kind of sport, you should always prioritize your health and body.

And if you are someone who is still new to martial arts and would want to invest first in sparring gear, it is best to consult with martial arts professionals. Or if you already have an instructor, that would be good.

Investing in essential sparring gear is a good kind of investment because it can help you in the long run. And for that, it is best to familiarize yourself first with its benefits before buying.

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