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The Proper Fitting Sparring Gear and Its Importance

When most people hear of martial arts, they immediately think it's a physical activity. Some people even consider this activity to be dangerous. You would certainly need protection for your body during this type of activity. When it comes to protecting yourself, martial arts sparring gear is the best option and the most important thing to consider is it should be properly fitted.

Two of the most important things you need to consider when buying sparring gear is the flexibility and protection

Despite the importance of sparring gear in martial arts, there is still a lack of knowledge about it. This is why this article will discuss its importance and the benefits of properly fitted sparring gear.

A properly fitted sparring gear not only protects you from injuries. It also boosts your confidence. Martial arts emphasize this very important factor. If you lack in that factor, do not miss out on this and read until the end.

Why Sparring Gear Should Be Properly Fitted

To have a sparring gear is one thing. And to have a properly fitted one is another thing. As martial arts deal with a lot of physical movement, you should have gear that is fitted comfortably

Take headgear, for example. As one of the most important sparring gear, it should fit evenly around the head and should not block your vision. In this way, you can properly fight and see your opponent. 

Your mouthguard should have a right fit if its being secured without obstructing your breathing. Proper breathing in martial arts is important because it can be an indication for you to see your opponent's performance. If you see that your opponent is panting or gasping for air, you may think that that would be an easy victory for you. 

For the gloves, the proper fit should be snug enough to provide protection but also allow someone to have a full range of motion. This means that your knuckles should be covered when you wear the gloves while the wrists are also being supported. If your sparring gloves are too tight, it will restrict you from performing. If it’s too loose, it won’t provide the proper protection. 

Choosing The Right Size

When it comes to sparring gear, size matters. In addition, it contributes to the fit of your gear. When choosing the right size for your sparring gear, one of the most important things that you should also consider is the size of your opponent. If you are sparring with someone bigger than you, you may need to size up your gear in order to have proper coverage.

Also, one thing to consider when it comes to choosing the right size is the type of sparring you are doing. If you are doing light sparring, you may not need to opt for the most protective gear available. If you are doing full contact sparring, you may need to opt for more protective gear like a chest protector.

Making sure that your martial arts sparring gear is in the correct size means not only protection but also an advantage both for the fighter and the opponent so you really need to carefully choose the right size. 

Best Practice for Sparring Gear

Sparring gear is definitely an investment. The lifetime value and protection it gives are a good kind of investment,especially for people doing martial arts. That is why to protect and take care of it is really important.

Here are some of the best practices you can do to your sparring gear for it to be used longer. These practices will not only help in maintaining but will also help in giving its best performance:

  • Before you use the gear, make sure you inspect it and check if its not damaged to better provide the necessary protection.
  • Maintain the sparring gear by cleaning regularly. Users can easily get and transfer the bacteria from one another. Clean it regularly to maintain its shape.
  • Properly sanitized before and after use.
  • Be sure to keep your gear clean and free from any dirt, sweat, or other residue. This will help in prolonging its life and will ensure that you are as safe as possible when sparring.

Sparring gear is indeed essential in martial arts because it protects the body throughout the battle. While that is a common benefit of sparring gear, others are still unaware that it also adds to the performance. A properly fitted sparring gear contributes to comfort and confidence, which contribute to performance and are both important in martial arts.

That is why when choosing the right and properly fitted sparring gear, it is important to take your time. You need to consider a lot of things. If you want to both perform well and be protected while doing martial arts, the best products that you can choose from are in whistlekick

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