The Martial Artist's Handbook: New Book Release

The Martial Artist's Handbook: New Book Release

Each one of us is gifted with a skill, talent or ability, and with that is the responsibility to hone them. At our disposal are tools that we can use to better ourselves and be equipped to face life head-on and make it as amazing as possible.

The Martial Artist's Handbook is just that: a tool that will make its readers be inspired to think, move, act and choose. Think about the philosophies offered by hundreds of legends, movers and shakers in the Martial Arts world. Allow the brilliant ideas and concepts on the pages of this book to fuel you to move and act with intention and purpose. And choose to be the best person you can be, in and outside of Martial Arts.

This book is more than just a handy guide for those that take an interest in Martial Arts. It offers so much more. What we have is a collection - based on whistlekick Martial Arts Radio episodes - of stories, words of wisdom, real-life experiences, pains and challenges, triumphs and successes, and everything in between. 

Because what is life if not to continuously learn from others and let others learn in return? 

The Martial Artists Handbook

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