Top 3 Things to Look Out for in Buying the Best Karate Gear

Top 3 Things to Look Out for in Buying the Best Karate Gear
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Karate is a multi-dimensional art-form. Not only does it stimulate and improve you physically, but you gain a high level of mental toughness and sound spirituality.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that karate has become one of the most popular and widely embraced martial art forms. Onlookers and spectators have been turned into dedicated students, and even advocates, of the glorious sport.

Now, if you are looking into taking up the sport, I have one important bit of advice: be committed.

In all fronts, be committed. Commit to training hard. Commit to obeying instructions and commands, on and off the training floor. Commit to having a healthy body.

And commit to buying the best karate gear that will help bring you to greater heights in your martial arts journey.

And in turn, we want to commit ourselves to you as well, by sharing three important things to look out for to make sure you’re buying the best karate gear.

There is a lot of sub-standard gear out there that will rob you of the opportunity to better yourself in your craft. So we wanna make sure you get the best to be the best.

Enhanced Durability for Long Lasting Usage

Personally, I want a set of sparring gear that I can run into the ground. I want to train hard because for me that’s the only way to train. So I don’t want to be delicate with my gear.

It’s good to have a “killer” mentality in karate training even while you’re young. And your sparring gear should be able to match the intensity of your practice sessions.

Your gi should be made of quality fabric and threading. You wouldn’t want it to tear up when you’re engaging a sparring partner or opponent. The Luminary traditional gi that you can shop online at offers quality material and stitching of the best quality to add an extra layer of reinforcement. You can enjoy your sparring sessions without any restrictions in your movement.

The same goes with your protective gear and training pads. They should be properly padded and reinforced in all the right places. In shopping for footwear, make sure that they’re designed for better grip on the floor by keeping the weight where it belongs - on the ball of the foot. Whistlekick’s sparring boots are reinforced everywhere it matters so that durability is ensured.
Top 3 Things to Look Out for in Buying the Best Karate Gear

Provides for Flexibility and Proper Airflow

Your karate gear should also provide freedom of movement. After all, karate is a contact sport that requires mobility and dexterity. It would be quite difficult to perfect karate moves if you can’t move.

The gear you should choose has to be both protective yet hugs your body, arms, hands, legs, and feet in the right way so you don’t feel heavy or bulky. Just like Whistlekick’s sparring gloves which are cut shorter to allow for better wrist and hand movement. The Velcro strap is also narrower, a nifty weight-saver and promotes more wrist movement.

Top 3 Things to Look Out for in Buying the Best Karate Gear

It’s also important to wear gear that won’t make you sweat so much. I know it makes you feel good to feel sweat rolling down your forehead; makes you feel like you’re working so hard, right?

But what if the sweat is already causing your gear to feel slippery and uncomfortable? And what if you’re already sweating to the point of dehydration? Then you’d appreciate karate gear that provides a lot of ventilation so you won’t feel all wet and icky inside your gear.

And of course, it goes without saying that you have to find the right fit. You will definitely feel less friction in your movement and wouldn’t sweat as much if your gear is perfectly fit.

High-Quality Yet Affordable

Expensive doesn’t always mean quality.

I say this because throughout the years I’ve always sought high-quality materials without sacrificing value for money. Maybe it’s just my practicality running amuck that’s driving me to make these kinds of purchases. But then again, shouldn’t we all be practical?

Our automatic perception of quality is high-priced. But there is such a thing as being overpriced. So it’s essential to compare prices and select the product that best fits your training requirement and budget.

And while I point this out, I also want to go to the other side of the coin.

The common misconception is that you can just get the cheaper or lower end products since you’re just starting out and then opt for the higher quality ones as you advance in your training. And to that, I say heck no!

They say that if you want to be successful, you have to look or dress the part, right? You should have the same approach for your gear.

Whistlekicks’ training gear is priced right in the area of practical quality. You won’t regret the reasonable price that you pay because of the high-grade products that you get in return.

Top 3 Things to Look Out for in Buying the Best Karate Gear
If you’re really serious about improving in the karate art form or taking up the sport as a lifestyle, don't’ hesitate on investing in the best karate gear. It will enhance your training by leaps and bounds, and you’ll definitely be satisfied with the results.

Visit our online shop for the best selection of karate gear and apparel to compliment your sparring experience.

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