Top 3 Timely Health and Fitness Benefits of Martial Arts

Top 3 Timely Health and Fitness Benefits of Martial Arts

It’s true that martial arts requires deep discipline and commitment. However, one who’s interested in taking up the sport can try applying the basic techniques and preliminary disciplines in order to know if it is something that you’d want to pursue long-term.

While doing so, Martial Arts has actual health benefits that prove to be extremely relevant in what’s going on in today’s society. Here are three of the most important health benefits that you can reap from Martial Arts.

Strengthening Your Respiratory System

As we all know by now (due to the bombardment of medical information) the Coronavirus is a disease that attacks the respiratory system. From there, it causes other complications that impair bodily functions, which then leads to cardiac arrest or failure of other organs.

In most Martial Arts disciplines, one of the basic skills that is enhanced is the ability to breathe properly. Breathing exercises are an effective way to strengthen the lungs because you learn how to open up the airways where air should flow freely and with ease.

A healthy lungs

Martial arts also helps strengthen the neck by training the neck muscles. Studies have shown how martial arts has helped combat and reverse asthma, which is a respiratory disease. It may have the same positive impact on other respiratory illnesses.

Improving Your Body’s Resistance and Flexibility

There are a lot of resistance training exercises out there, and these are becoming all the more popular because of the need to fend off all types of illnesses to remain healthy.

Resistance and Flexibility

Martial arts has long promoted increased resistance through constant and consistent training. Because of the stances, moves and techniques being taught during training, your muscles are strengthened, and you gain flexibility in your limbs and extremities. This can prove quite helpful, especially in circumstances such as what we have now.

A strong body is often linked to a strong immune system. And having a healthy immune system works best in keeping yourself protected against virtually everything.

Flexibility is also important in order to keep you on the go, keeping yourself calibrated and ready for whatever situation may arise. In more challenging times, such as what we are facing now, we need to improve our body flexibility.

Not Just Mental Strength but Sharpness!

The importance of mental health cannot be overlooked especially at a time like this. We need to properly set our minds to what we should expect not just during the Coronavirus crisis but beyond.

By now, most of us have already accepted our new normal, which is staying indoors or sheltering in place. As humans, we learn to adjust to whatever situation we are faced with.

However, what brings some people the most anxiety is thinking about the future and not knowing what it brings. That is challenging our mental aptitude: we don’t know what we need to prepare for.

Martial arts is a great way to strengthen yourself mentally. First and foremost, in many martial arts disciplines, is the encouragement to meditate or visualize before applying your skills or coming up with your “plan of attack” in combat.

Overall Health Through Martial Arts

Many people underestimate the impact that our current situation is having on our mental health. As of now, we are coping with whatever way we can to “keep sane”, but a person who is strong not just physically but also mentally will be able to thrive in the coming days.

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