Top 5 Places you could train for martial arts

Top 5 Places you could train for martial arts

There are a lot of benefits to practicing martial arts on a regular basis. Whether you train on your own or with a team, training daily will not only help you in maintaining your physical fitness but will also benefit your mental and spiritual well-being.

If you’re new to martial arts or an expert in the field, you might wonder these things: Where should I train? How big should the place be? Should I train indoors or outdoors? How does my environment affect my training?

We’ll be answering all your questions and giving you FIVE places you never thought you could train Martial Arts.


First on our list is the most obvious - gymnasiums. Gyms usually differ only in size but are a great place to start training with yourself or the team. It is the best option especially if you opt for a wide and clean location with the right equipment. 

You just have to choose and carefully check first if the gymnasium has a restroom, enough space, good lighting, and everything that you need before starting to train. 


The park is definitely the best option for you to train in, not only because it is free but you also get to enjoy the view while training. There are several parks available but still depending on the location you are in. 

Parks are great for training because they provide you fresh air, a good amount of space, and studies have shown that physical activity outside has been proved to reduce blood pressure and heart rate. That’s why we love the park!


Who said that you have to go somewhere far when training? Yes, you could if you have the budget and time, but why not make use of a place you already have?

Yes! I’m talking about your garage, at home! You’re safe from the rain, hassle of commute, and inconvenience of leaving your stuff behind. You could train in your garage with ease and in the comfort of your home. But you have to make sure that you properly store chemicals like gases, paints, and oils for your car to avoid ingesting them. 

Open Field

Just like the park, an open field is another option for you. If you’re not much of an indoor person, training in an open field can greatly help you improve your training. Exercising in the open is the best way to release stress and anxiety. 

Physical training in natural environments like open fields or the park is known as ‘green exercise’. This kind of exercise helps improve your self-esteem and mood as well as the release of different chemicals in your body. So, are you considering training in an open field now?


This is probably the last alternative if you have no other place to train in. Training in the basement might not be your ideal type but if you just let out a little creativity and turn your basement into a training camp, then maybe you’ll have a change of mind.

Basements are usually dark, warm and moist areas so you have to make sure that you clean up before you train. It should also be a well-ventilated area to avoid fainting in the middle of your training. 

Train Hard, Feel Good

So, have you decided yet which is your choice training ground?

The environment you train greatly affects how you learn and execute your training. Whether it be indoors or outdoors, both can influence the way you train, and the factors it comes with like atmosphere, temperature, noise, light, can affect your ability to be active.

Whatever your choice may be, as long as it will inspire, motivate, and encourage you to train harder and become a better martial artist, you should go for it.

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