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Top 7 Male Martial Artists On Instagram

Instagram is known. As one of the most used social media platforms. It is also a platform. Where you can see. And be updated. With the people you idolize. Like celebrities, and models. And other famous people. To some, they call these people as influencers. In martial arts and other sports. There are also many people. Who got their name. As a remarkable one. On social media platforms. Like Instagram. In this article, we have gathered. The top 7 male martial artists. That you can follow. They are mostly professionals. And highly regarded. In the world of martial arts. To know more about them, read this article.

Top 7 Male Martial Artists Influencers On Instagram: @officialmattfiddes

Matt Fiddes became an instant celebrity. As he is the former bodyguard. Of Michael Jackson. But what made him an internet sensation. Is his skills. And knowledge in martial arts. Making him known. As a celebrity personal trainer. His Instagram account has over 182 thousand. Of followers. And his account is full of different kinds. Of contents. From his past interviews. To promote his martial arts school. And his personal life. 

Matt Fiddes is definitely the one you should follow. As one of the male Instagram martial arts influencers. Because he sure is good. In influencing his followers. And fans. To do martial arts.  By telling his experience. And sharing his knowledge. Aside from his celebrity background, he built the name himself. So if you are curious about him. And what he does. Follow his Instagram account!


In the world of martial arts. It is possible. To become a celebrity. Especially when you have both. The talent and skills. Michael Jai White is not just a martial artist. But also an actor. That is all thanks to his martial arts skills. With over 2.8 million followers on Instagram, he is indeed an influencer. 

As one of the male Instagram martial arts influencers, Michael is a great influence. Especially to people wanting to learn martial arts. As he started at a very young age. He won several awards in Karate. Making him one of the most famous martial artists. After that, he began his acting career. And now, you might be curious. What has he been up to. He is now teaching martial arts. As an instructor. Just a little trivia. He taught some famous celebrities. Such as Kimbo Slice. And Britney Spears. An influencer indeed! Every post he made on Instagram was a hit. You will surely be an instant fan. If you visit his profile


Tatchakorn Yeerum, better known internationally as Tony Jaa. A Thai martial artist. Like Michael White, he also began. His martial arts journey. At the very young age of ten. He started training in Muay Thai. But later expanded on other types. Of martial arts styles. Such as taekwondo, judo. And Aikido.

This Thai martial artist. Made it to the list. Of male Instagram martial arts influencers. As he is very active. In updating his fans. And followers. Through his posts. Because he is also considered. As one the celebrities. In the world of martial arts. For sure, people want to see it. What he’s up to. And Instagram is the perfect platform. To do that. You can also see this on his account. That he has a YouTube channel. Go check his socials. To know more about him!


This Instagram account is owned. By Israel Adesanya. A UFC middleweight champion. And one of the most popular. And most dynamic strikers. He is also a black belter. In Taekwondo. Israel is definitely. A man who plays. Different kinds of martial arts. As he has also trained. In kickboxing. And boxing. As one of the top 7 male martial artists. You should definitely follow him. As he shares training footage. And also motivational messages.


Cung Le is a former player. In combat sports. And also a world champion. In UFC. He has also trained. In other martial arts. Like Taekwondo. And wrestling. His Instagram account. Is definitely the one. That should be. On your top 7 male martial artists. Because he posts a variety of content. That is not only about martial arts. But also about faith in God. Film and gear.


Anderson Silva is a former UFC middleweight champion. And one of the most dynamic strikers in MMA history. Other than MMA, he also played Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai. And other martial arts. His Instagram account has 4.7 million followers. He is definitely a martial arts influencer. And definitely deserves a spot. On the top 7 male martial artists on Instagram. Because he is very consistent. on updating his followers.


Being on the top 7 of male martial artists. On Instagram. Is not enough title. For this last one. As this one can also be considered. As one of the most followed accounts. In the martial arts industry. Conor McGregor is a former UFC two-division champion. And he is also one of the most famous. MMA fighters in the world. His Instagram account is full. Of updates. About his personal life. So if you are a fan. Of him. Go follow his account!

It is really amazing. To see pioneer martial artists. Being very vocal. And active. On their social media accounts. It is all thanks to the digital age. That we have now. Because we can easily see. And be updated. On the male Instagram martial arts influencers. That we love. And admire. But all in all, following them. Can also help. In gaining. The skills that martial arts can teach. So in a way, it can be really helpful. 

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