Top 8 Martial Arts Youtubers You Should Subscribe To

Top 8 Martial Arts Youtubers You Should Subscribe To

If you’re not into those movies or series, there are other video platforms that you can opt to enjoy. YouTube is one example of this and it is the second most popular search engine. It's one of the most effective ways to reach a large audience, whether you're marketing a program or informing students about a certain skill you want them to learn.

If you have your spare time to visit martial arts YouTubers, here are 8 YouTube accounts you must visit and watch out for!

Live martial arts 

If you’re a woman martial artist you’ll surely be inspired to her. Samery Moras, a Martial Artist with a 4th Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo owns this YouTube channel with over 244 thousand subscribers who watch her videos about her Taekwondo training tips, workouts, tutorials, and more! 

Her goal is to inspire others who are also planning to learn martial arts by sharing her journey through vlogs. Samery Moras also competes all over the world as she is a world-ranked Taekwondo Sparring athlete. What are you waiting for? Subscribe to her channel now!

World karate federation

If you’re a big fan of famous martial artists all over the world, World Karate Federation’s channel might be your best friend.

If you missed the martial arts competition during the Olympics or the Euro Karate Tampere, they have all the clips for you to keep up. They also have videos for you to binge all about the best karate moments in history!

Sensei Seth

If you’re listening to whistlekick martial arts radio, you might be familiar with the next person on our list. Sensei Seth Adams has been invited to one of the episodes of the podcast where he shares with us his journey how he started training with a memory of watching martial arts movies as a child, getting out of it to pursue his own thing, and then coming back again. 

Her videos are composed of martial arts tutorials, comparisons on the different types of martial arts, video reactions, and other fun stuff that is best to enjoy in your leisure time. Check him out!

Master Wong

If you research all about martial arts YouTubers, Master Wong’s account might be the first few that will appear on the list. With over 2.77 million subscribers, Master Wong captivated his audience with entertaining videos about martial arts.

This channel teaches women self-defense, kickboxing for fitness, Street fight self-defense, Wing Chun kung fu, including the traditional side of Wing Chun Kung fu. But wait, there’s more! They also incorporate health and well-being in their training such as nutrition, fitness, weight loss, and any other benefits that can optimize our life. If you’re a serious practitioner and want to learn from home at your own pace, they have online training courses available that come with training support to guide you through. 

World of Martial Arts Television

Next on our list is World of Martial Arts television. Just like World Karate Federation, they also share amusing videos about martial arts and even movie trailers of martial art-related films!

Visit them here to learn more. 

Stephan Kesting 

Besides Sensei Seth, our next martial artist has also been invited over to whistlekick martial arts radio. Mr. Stephan Kesting started training at age 12-years old and he was fascinated with martial arts when he read a book as a young child which gave him a strong foundation to do what he is doing now, teaching martial arts. 

Mr. Kesting founded an online martial arts course, his own Youtube channel, and his podcast: The Strenuous Life Podcast. If you’re in search of a professional martial artist online, you might wanna visit his YouTube account. 

Ando Mierzwa 

You can also check out, Mr. Ando Mierzwa’s account who deserves to be shared. His 336 thousand followers may have enjoyed his weekly workouts, podcasts, and advice to aspiring martial artists. 

Every week, he shares martial arts full workout videos for practical self-defense moves that you might wanna incorporate into your daily training. Especially now that each one prefers to stay in their houses, his tutorials on how to properly execute a skill or technique will make you applaud while you watch it. Subscribe and follow him here and listen to an episode from whistlekick where they talked about the Fight for a Happy Life.


To wrap up our list, we have Whistlekick who’s known for its martial arts-related podcast, blogs, merch, and programs. Whistlekick produces The World's Best Sparring Gear for traditional martial artists as well as apparel for you and your kids. Their YouTube channel welcomes newbies to professional martial artists and shows them the things they are doing in the traditional and sport martial arts world.

They invite different martial artists from all over the globe to speak about their experiences, learnings, and drawbacks in their journey in the field of martial arts. If you’re an aspiring martial artist, their account will surely motivate you to be one. 

Admire, Inspire, and Dream Big

Did you subscribe to them yet? We’re sure that you will find the best account based on your preferences among the list above. If you can, please do support each martial artist as they share with us their knowledge online just for free with all the effort and time they can offer. Enjoy watching!

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