traditional martial arts

Traditional Martial Arts

There is still an ongoing argument among some. Whether there is really such thing as a traditional martial art. Or modern martial arts. Some people believe that martial art is only "martial art". While to some, they believe that there are two different kinds of martial arts.Especially when talking about how they evolved as the years go by. 

Definition of Traditional Martial Arts

In the world of martial arts, the word traditional refers to a series of customs. Or traditions that have been passed down. Through generations. Different generations have different cultural beliefs. As well as historical significance. Thus calling it traditional. In martial arts, the most popular traditional martial came from Eastern Asia countries such as Japan, China, and Korea

Karate from Okinawa, Japan

Even though considered a traditional martial art, karate is still a popular one. Especially when learning life skills. And through the years, it has evolved and adapted to different styles of techniques of martial arts. And considered as the most widely practiced martial arts that has a rich history from several centuries. 

What made karate a traditional one is that it seeks the development of the defense. And also with the counterattacking of body movements. People used these kinds of techniques. During the earliest times of martial arts, as their goal is to defend themselves from the opponent.  

Additionally, karate also emphasizes preserving its traditional techniques such as strikes, kicks, and joint locks. These techniques have been passed down through generations. Other than the techniques that karate has preserved, it also aims to teach individuals the values and philosophy of martial arts. 

Kung Fu from China

China is also known to be one of the countries where martial arts is being widely practiced. Among the popular traditional martial arts from them is kung fu. Just like karate, it is also known for its focus on traditional techniques. As well as for the development of physical. And mental discipline.

In Kung Fu, the techniques are more on quick reflexes and strong physical conditioning. These techniques are important in fighting. Which was the use of martial arts during the earliest times. Kung Fu, over the years, became a respected martial art. And also recognized globally for its rich cultural background. And also one of the most effective ways of fighting. 

Taekwondo from Korea

A martial art that focuses on discipline. That is what Taekwondo was known for. It is a traditional martial art that does not only teaches physical fighting. But also for enhancement and conditioning of the mind. Taekwondo is also considered the most systematic. And scientific martial arts. It is because of its teachings of enhancing the spirit and life. Through the use of the body in mind when training.

 Taekwondo has definitely captured the interests of many people. Additionally, it has gained global and international reputations. Making it one of the sports in the Olympics.

The history of martial arts is rich. And it is rooted in different cultures and traditions. That is why to some it is important to distinguish. And know the difference between traditional martial arts to modern martial arts. Knowing the difference between the two is important to be recognized. As they will also help in appreciating the martial arts not just as sports. But also as a way of life.

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