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Top 5 Twitter Martial Arts Account To Follow

Are you familiar. With thread trends? These are very popular. On social media platform Twitter. What made threads popular are their bites. And pieces of information. That you need to know. About a certain topic. Twitter is known as one of the platforms. Where one topic can easily get viral. For your martial arts needs. And interest. You should also try exploring. On Twitter. As it is also one of the best platforms. To learn martial arts. And also in finding people. With the same interest as yours. We can help you to achieve that. As we made an updated list. Of the Top 5 twitter martial arts . That you should follow.

Twitter Martial Arts Accounts: @centuryma

Are you still not convinced? By the fact that martial arts. Have many benefits? Well, to convince you even more, this account is perfect for you! Century Martial Arts is a Twitter account. That focuses on creating content. For individuals to know. The benefits of martial arts. Their tweets are more inspirational. And motivational content. Which are also connected. In what martial arts can do. Like in terms of the body, and mind. And also in building relationships. As one of the Twitter martial arts accounts you should follow, this is really perfect. For your daily dose. Of martial arts inspiration.


A martial arts gamer? Is it possible? The answer is yes! Gaming accounts are very popular. In Twitter. And this Twitter account is definitely a unique one. Martial Mind is a Twitter account. That is more focused. On giving thoughts. And opinions. About martial arts fights. And competitions. The account is popular. As there are many engagements. From other people. A good indication that martial arts is still very popular. This account is also very active. So if you don’t want to miss out on martial arts news. And trends. Check this one!


The history of martial arts is important. To know. And be remembered. Martial Arts Museum account on Twitter is what is all about. It tweets content about martial arts history. For the people to be informed. About the roots. And origins. Of martial arts. This Twitter account is perfect. Especially to beginners. Who still do not have enough knowledge. About the history of martial arts.


UFC is among one of the most popular. Kind of martial art. It has become mostly awaited. Kind of sports. All over the world. Its founder, Dana White also has a Twitter account. Where he tweets about the latest news. And updates about UFC. If you are a fan of UFC, this account is for you. This account of Twitter Martial arts account is a must. Especially if you also want to learn martial arts. In terms of techniques. And strategies.


whistlekick is also very active. On its Twitter account. As a way of updating the followers. About its products, training. And also for the podcast. This account also tweets inspirational. And motivational quotes. Which are very important. As a way to encourage people. That martial art is not just a sport. But also a mindful activity. That deals with mental practices. 

An Unusual Platform for Martial Arts

Before, Twitter is just being used. To express one thought. And rants. But brands and businesses also used it. As a platform. For marketing. It has also become an effective platform. When promoting something. For martial arts, it is also a helpful platform. To better promote martial arts. Following these Top 5 Twitter martial arts are also good. And a new way. Of reaching. To other kinds of audiences. 

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