Announcing The whistlekick Report

Announcing The whistlekick Report

The current survey is: open for submission.

There are thousands of martial arts schools around the globe. In the United States alone, there are more than 20,000 schools teaching different martial art styles. Just imagine how many more are there outside the United States!

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Why The whistlekick Report?

As a martial arts school is a business like any other, it experiences ups and downs. It's always easier to run a business when you have strong data, but how about data on where your school stands in relation to the wider industry?

Enter, The whistlekick Report.

We're initiating a set of surveys to learn more about martial arts schools in the US. In time, we'll roll these surveys out to the rest of the world.

Free Martial Arts Surveys for Owners and Managers

Did we mention that participating and data from this project will be free? Yes, free.

These surveys are intended for martial arts school owners or managers. We understand that some owners are not hands-on in their businesses and they hire managers to handle them, so the managers can answer these surveys. But we encourage the owners to be the respondents because they have the eyesight and authority over their martial arts school businesses.

As the number of martial arts schools grows, many are also closing. There are many factors to consider but sometimes, the school owners fail to advertise their schools. Many are reluctant to spend on advertising without considering the return on investment. Some schools, however, are well-advertised but they lack the facilities that the students like. Or maybe it’s because of the quality of training that the students receive. In that case, then it’s time to hire better instructors.

What to Expect

That’s the reason why we conceptualized and created these surveys—to inform us of what is really happening. In this way, we can learn about the struggles of the school owners in managing their schools. If you participate in this survey, you can get a copy of the results, to know more about the experiences of other martial arts school owners around the globe. Yes, you read it right, these surveys are open to all and not just in the United States. Of course, the results are anonymous, so no one will know how your business does.

We encourage all eligible respondents to take part in this set of surveys. A few minutes of your time will be beneficial to you and to others as well. Let us help each other build a better community of martial arts schools and promote martial arts to many more people. Thank you for reading!

How to Participate

Every time we release a new survey we'll post it in our blog, social media and to the email list, we specifically started for this purpose.

Start the Survey

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We will not send you any solicitations, share your address or do anything more than a) send you the results of each survey you participated in (Yes, you must participate each time to receive results) and b) let you know there is a new survey to fill out.

Each survey will take only a few minutes to complete. We've kept them simple, but they're full of value on where the martial arts industry is headed.

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