Whistlekick Sparring Gloves - Get Only the Best

Whistlekick Sparring Gloves - Get Only the Best

It’s the simple things. Taking a shower before work shows you care for yourself. Spending a few more minutes studying for a test does make a difference.

Getting up early to train can and will make you a better martial artist. It’s the simple things that make a really big difference to the energy that we’re putting out into the world.

There’s just something awesome about sparring with gloves. Seems so simple but make no mistake about it: its relevance and impact cannot be understated.

There’s some sort of mythical thinking that sparring gloves are only needed by newbies or younger martial artists, or that using them makes someone look corny or amateurish.

But truth is, you can never go wrong with safety and protection. What’s the sense of “looking” like a weathered pro if you’ve got broken or injured hands? And besides, pros use heavier training gloves with more padding because they want to enhance their endurance and protect themselves and their training partners.

When looking for gloves for sparring, it’s best to check for quality, durability and breath-ability. Whistlekick Sparring Gloves check all three boxes.


Whistlekick engineered their gloves to achieve unique designs and top-notch quality so that users will see and experience the difference even the first time they use them.

And though every hand is different, Whistlekick’s fit well with almost all types and sizes, granted you consult the size chart for your best fit. They’re also padded well in all the right places so you protect not only your hands but your sparring partner as well.
Whistlekick Sparring Gloves - Get Only the Best


Many senior and professional martial artists will tell you that hand injuries can be serious enough to prevent you from ever entering a ring or joining a competition again.

So, make sure that your sparring gloves are going to last longer. Durable gloves should allow you to give maximum effort during training without sacrificing safety and protection.

Tear points in the gloves are virtually eliminated thanks to double reinforcement. When using Whistlekick’s gear, you can punch with real effort to see how your partners react to your strength. Don’t worry, the gloves can take the hit. Your partners, though…


Probably the least emphasized criteria is the material and make of the gloves. Most of us only look at the color, size and price.

But if you’re looking for the best for your sparring need, make sure that the material used doesn’t stiffen quickly or make your hand feel hot and sweaty when you use it.

Since sparring is a sweaty endeavor, Whistlekick made sure to design their gloves to let your hands “breathe” for air while all balled up inside it. So, feel free to punch your heart out and all the way through a winning training session.

How to know if you did get the best gloves for your sparring needs? Whistlekick has already made sure of that for you. But to be an all-around awe-inspiring martial artist?

Let your training sessions be filled with hard work and commitment. Those don’t come from the store; it’s all inside you.

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