Why It’s Never Too Late to Learn Martial Arts

Why It’s Never Too Late to Learn Martial Arts

Martial arts, a form of self-defense that utilizes physical skill and coordination tremendously has a lot of perks – providing a variety of health benefits and helps develop self-esteem.

A common misconception in learning martial arts is that it is exclusive for younger individuals. Age is merely a number, and there is no such thing as too old for martial arts. Age does not define your ability to learn and adapt to martial art training – your only restrictions are the ones you set upon yourself.

Benefits of Taking Up Martial Arts Even at Your “Advanced Years”

Our body needs physical exercise and mental exertion, especially in our early 50’s up to the late ’70s since our body starts to weaken during these years. 

As we age, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle – staying physically active, and engaging in healthier habits – to avoid any future illness and continue enjoying an active, fulfilled life. 

Martial arts training is one advisable physical activity for people in this age bracket since it requires no age limit and has a minimal physical restriction as well. It helps overcome the perceived boundaries set by either your age or physical state. 

Solid Health Benefits

Martial arts is a great form of exercise as it has plenty of solid health benefits for people of all ages. From physical fitness to mental health enhancement, martial arts paves the way to boost our confidence and reach our peak potential. 

The benefits of engaging in martial arts include; improvement in your cardiovascular health and keeping your blood pressure in a stable state – increasing your heart rate and building good cardiovascular endurance.

A moderate-intensity physical activity, like martial arts, allows you to burn up a fair amount of calories in several sessions – helping you achieve your ideal body weight. Martial arts training, at some point, tends to make your appetite less and progressively lower your food cravings – making your eating habits regulated.  

Enhances Dexterity and Flexibility

Martial arts allow us to maintain a good range of motion for our body joints – developing flexibility and refining our reflexes, which is essential as we age to reduce our risk of injuries. Flexibility impacts your balance, relieves stress from muscles, and enhances your strength. All of these are attainable with proper training and consistent engagement with martial arts.

There are certain benefits acquired in martial arts as you prosper flexibility – improve your bodily functions such as blood flow, coordination, and stability. It is a great way to help your muscles relax, decrease your stiffness, and improve your posture as well as your muscular balance.

Hence, martial arts also enhance dexterity – readiness and the ability to gracefully participate in physical activities, especially those requiring maximum agility. 

Improves Mental Faculties

Aside from physical health, martial arts also is a great alternative to deal with your mental and emotional struggles. Although the digital age encourages many people into looking for mental health support, it is still advisable to have natural solutions rather than medication – hence, martial arts is your best resort.

Martial arts is one factor towards strengthening confidence and self-esteem which is something that cannot be attained on a read and write basis. It happens naturally, as a direct result of conditioning and your courage to exceed your expectations in yourself.

The benefits of martial arts training include the reduction of stress and anxiety – an emotional dilemma that affects most people today. It gives your brain an escape and a time to relax, and to avoid dwelling on negative thoughts and overthinking on situations you have no real control over. It also develops optimism and lets you turn your frustrations into a positive outlet – building a solid reinforcement for your mental faculty.

Every day is a new chance to work on becoming a better version of yourself, and martial arts is one key factor to make it happen – from physical to mental and emotional changes.

You Change, Not Martial Arts

never too late for martial arts learning

“How does martial arts change as you age? Well, it doesn’t. You change. Your body changes. Your mind changes.”

In Episode 160 of our podcast, I talked about this topic, emphasizing that getting older shouldn’t hamper your drive and desire to go to class, to train and spar, and to do certain movements. It’s all a matter of proper management and adaptation.

The best part about martial arts is it will help you gain continuous self-improvement without the pressure of time. Every goal is attainable with an optimistic mind and courage to embrace the process and respect life’s perfect timing.

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