wK Book Division Updates!

wK Book Division Updates!

What a year we have had already in the Book Division! Our Master Hopkick Universe grew to include Book 2 of the series, titled The Origin of Master Hopkick: Lessons, as well as a Mat Chats guide for Book One (The Origin of Master Hopkick: Beginnings). We also released some fantastic titles related to the interviews we have enjoyed from Martial Arts Radio, including Celebrating Women in the Martial Arts and Legends of the Martial Arts

We have some incredible titles in the works for the near future, some before the end of the year! Stay tuned! Oh, you want a teaser? I suppose I could take "2 Minutes" to think of a good hint ... (wink wink)

Before I go, we have some discounts and pricing deals planned for our books on Amazon over the next few weeks. I'll be sure to let you know as they are confirmed so you can take advantage and save as you stock your bookshelves!

First discount I can announce: We will be running a Countdown Deal on the Kindle eBook version of The Origin of Master Hopkick: Lessons, Book Two of The Origin of Master Hopkick Series by Jenni Siu. The Deal runs from December 11, 2023 through December 17, 2023. Starting on Dec 11th, the Kindle eBook edition of Lessons will be JUST .99!!! The price will gradually increase back to its current price by the end of the week, so act early for the best savings!

Thank you to all of our readers for your support! More to come!

Jenni Nather

Director, wK Book Division

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