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Top 7 Women Martial Artists on YouTube

In the world of social media, women are the ones. Who is more known. As being more engaging. And active. When it comes to creating. Different types of content. This is true. Especially most women became instant influencers. On social media. Like Instagram. With their respective industries. As the internet greatly impacts. The lives of people. Sports is also joining. In this kind of move. Like in martial arts. And women. You can now find women martial artists on YouTube. If you want to learn martial arts. If you are a woman, looking for channels to subscribe on. Keep your eye on this article! As we have gathered. The top 7 women martial artists. That you can subscribe on.

Top 7 Women Martial Artists on YouTube: @ChloeBruceAcademy

A platform to inspire. And educate. Coach athletes all over the world. That is the purpose of this channel. Chloe Bruce, who is the owner of the channel created this channel. For people to learn martial arts. Online. And other activities. Such as yoga. And flexibility programs.

Chloe Bruce is a British martial artist. She specializes in taekwondo and kickboxing. And gymnastics. Bruce is indeed one. Of the women martial artists on YouTube, you should follow. As she has won multiple world championships. Making her an expert. When it comes to teaching martial arts. Did you know that she also appeared? In films? Yes, she did! Some of the films she appeared in are Guardians of the Galaxy. And John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum.  


For women who want to learn martial arts. Wushu is an ideal kind. Of martial arts. Because it empathizes with agility. And flexibility. If you are a beginner. Or someone curious about Wushu. Try watching Janice Hung’s videos. Because she not only teaches Wushu. But also about fitness. Active lifestyles. That can last.

As a Wushu championship, Janice Hung had long years. Of experience. When it comes to Wushu. That is why she decided. To make a YouTube channel. As a platform to share knowledge. And educate women. On self-defense. Don’t you love it? When women martial artists on YouTube? Has this kind of goal? If you are a woman. And want to learn self-defense. Give this channel a try!


Taekwondo is also very popular. To woman. As it is also one of their ways. Of protecting themselves. And having a fit body. Teaching taekwondo training tips is what this channel is all about. Black Belt Samery is owned. By Samery Moras. A martial artist. With 4th Dan Black Belt. In taekwondo. She also competed. Around the world. And has a world-ranked. As a Taekwondo Sparring Athlete.

She is indeed one of the women martial artists on YouTube. That you should follow. Because the qualities of her videos are really good. And her videos are kind of different. From other martial artists. As she makes it like a vlog type. Watching her videos will feel. Like you are just with her. And learning martial arts together. A world champion athlete. Who is now on YouTube. Teaching taekwondo. That is all possible. For Samery Moras.


Wanna see the life? Of a professional female boxer? Check this channel. As one of the top 7 women martial artists. That you should subscribe on. Cris Cyborg's official YouTube channel. Is all about showing. Her life inside. And outside of being a fighter. She also shares training tips and workout routines. And also motivational messages. Which would be very helpful. Especially to aspiring women martial artists.


This channel is dedicated. For women. All over the world. Who wants to learn martial arts. And as well as for those. Who is already doing it. The channel has 1.07 million subscribers. A proof that many are following. And have watched. Their videos. This is definitely the one. You should subscribe. For your list. Of the top 7 women martial artists. As this channel encourages other girls. To start martial starts.


Action and martial arts tutorial. All in one channel. That is what this channel is all about. Owned by an actress. Gabriella Corvina teaches martial arts techniques. Those women can definitely use it. Especially during the fighting. You will surely see women differently. When you subscribe to this channel. As one of the top 7 Women martial artists. On YouTube. Because most of the videos show. What women can do. And how powerful they are.


For female martial arts lovers. This channel is for you. As one of the top 7 women martial artists. That you should subscribe on. Because they upload videos. Of martial arts techniques. That can be used. In real situations. You can also learn fighting choreographies. On their videos. 

And that’s a wrap. For our woman martial artists on YouTube. I am sure that these women somehow inspire you. And made you curious. About them. YouTube has a lot. Of different kinds of content. And as for martial artists, there are also several channels. That you can choose from. Especially for women. Who wants to learn martial arts.

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