Worcester Classic Results

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A couple fans and their colorings of Master Hopkick A couple fans and their colorings of Master Hopkick

The 2015 Worcester Classic was held just outside of Worcester at the Habitat for Sport in Uxbridge, Massachusetts. This was the 23rd year of the event and, during some reminiscing with the promoter, Shihan Wayne Mello, we figured out that I had attended the 2nd event. The day went well and despite the large numbers of competitors, all divisions were complete by 3pm. 

Sales were brisk for us that day, leaving us sold out of quite a bit of apparel. (No worries as most of it will be replaced within two weeks). We spent a lot of time promoting the new podcast and talked to a lot of fans and supporters. 

Lots of great push-up scores! Lots of great push-up scores!

While the day didn't set any records in the push-up contest, there was solid participation and the numbers were good.

We're resting up this weekend before next Saturday's KICKSUSA Nationals in Gardiner, Maine. Hope to see you there!


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