X whistlekick: Let’s Be Brand Allies!

X whistlekick: Let’s Be Brand Allies!

by Norli Garcia

In the digital information and content marketing age, it’s highly important to have a strategic brand positioning. 

Branding is what will distinguish you from the rest of the pack. You highlight the you-niqueness by letting yourself be known as the go-to authority in your field. 

And as life imitates art and words are concretized by actions, you live up to your branding. As a result, quality and excellence are achieved.

We at whistlekick would like to partner with you on fulfilling the purpose of your brand. 

Let’s be co-branding allies!

X whistlekick Co-Branding Jitae Dri-Fit

This September, we are launching X whistlekick, our co-branding partnership with wholesale customers. This comes at no extra charge on our co-branding allies, and profits will be shared equally by both parties. 

We know how important it is to let your identity speak out, so we have come up with completely flexible design options. All of these will be branded with a simple, minimalist whistlekick logo of your choice.

You have a wide array of apparel selection that you can have printed in any color or size - from t-shirts, sweatshirts and trusty hoodies. You can even choose just one item to co-brand; simply no minimum volume or quantity requirement for any design.

This co-branding partnership is also highly cost-efficient on the part of our allies. Since the items are printed as the order is confirmed, no upfront payment will be required from our partners. In fact, no payments are ever required.

X whistlekick Co-Branding Wisdom Way Dri Fit

There’s only one crucial requirement: that you provide us high quality, high-resolution versions of the logos and images that you wish to use for the design. We definitely won’t settle for rendering poor quality designs. Don’t have these available? We can hook you up with a graphic designer to help you render a kicking logo design, provided you shoulder their service fee cost. 

And to complete the concept-to-delivery cycle, we at whistlekick will handle all the orders, printing, shipping and any returns that could possibly be encountered.

We want our strategic co-branding partnership to be as seamless as possible for you. Our aim is to just let you sit back and relax while you enjoy high-quality, customized, and beautifully designed co-branded apparel being delivered right to your doorstep.

$1 Days
$2 Hours
$3 Minutes
$4 Seconds
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