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whistlekick Sparring Helmet

whistlekick Sparring Helmet

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Simply The World's Best Sparring Helmet


    A matter of focus.

    The best fighters have a good head on their shoulders. High combat IQ, coupled with incomparable persistence and a no-nonsense attitude, turns any aspiring student into a high-level martial artist. The ultimate martial arts practitioners need the ultimate sparring headgear to keep their heads in the game. A traditionally-styled helmet with good airflow and a durable design for high-grade performance.

    We know it’s your goal to be the best that you can be, and we know you spar with all your heart. And sometimes a knock on the head can’t be avoided. In moments like this, you need headgear that offers cupped ear protection to reduce ear injuries and good eye visibility. A sparring helmet that will protect your head in style while you enjoy the most comfortable foam of any headgear you've ever worn. Seriously, you need to try this on to see what we mean.

    The whistlekick Sparring Helmet. Designed to handle the toughest and most important job of protecting your best asset: your head! Because you need to focus and avoid getting knocked around by your best sparring opponents. And honestly, you’re not intimidated by this at all, at least not while wearing the most protective helmet. Iron sharpens iron, man sharpens man.

    Whether at practice or during an actual match - it doesn’t really matter. You’re just as determined either way. And you need a sparring helmet that accommodates a face shield from other manufacturers to allow you to transition to any match, anytime, anywhere.

    Let the whistlekick Sparring Helmet do just that for you. Comes in four sizes (small, medium, large, and yeah, you guessed it, extra large) for that added versatility, and eight different colors for that added flair. Please find the size chart in the images or click here. With its durability and sleek design, you’ll only need one. But then again, you never know when you’ll be in the mood for either the Heat red helmet to match your blazing hot sparring mood or the Arctic blue one for a more subdued practice match. Well, whatever your choice may be, it’s all in the head!

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