Christian Bayonne

From Christian himself:

I am a 15-year-old, High School Sophomore, Martial Artist, Model, & Actor.  I began martial arts at the age of 10 at the Sport Karate Center in Poinciana.  I study under Grandmaster Lourdes Baez and Master Erick Corcino. I am a member of Bring It All-Stars – a professional Martial Arts Team.

Christian BayonneI started martial arts under the advice of my Uncle Luke, he saw that I was literally the smallest kid in my class, and kids were taking advantage of that and my lunch.  It was THE best decision my parents could have ever made. From the first day I began I fell in love with it!

I have had the opportunity to travel to places I have never been, and look forward to the new places the future will take me. I have made great friendships and friendships that have turned into family. Some of my greatest memories include my first time on stage at the US Open. My first year competing I wasn’t allowed to compete in the US Open, I was just allowed to spectate. I got to see The Night of Champions, and I remember telling my Mom that she would see me on that stage. When it actually happened, I won Grand Champion, and I got to remind my Mom that I had told her I would be there – it was amazing.

Being invited to be a part of Team Bring It, and eventually, Team Bring It All-Stars was also a major life moment for me. Mr. Lherisson believed enough in me as an under belt to bring me on, and together we took a major leap of faith and dove into the black belt division.

Christian BayonneThe next big life moment was competing in the WKCs. I was the kid who was going hungry at lunch, couldn’t fight well, and I was standing on the 1st place podium receiving gold for fighting. Five years of training, of hard work, of believing I knew I could do this, of bumps and bruises, and it all came around full circle.

If I were to share any advice it would be to “Never Give Up.” If I stopped every time I doubted myself, or others doubted me – I wouldn’t be here. Say what you want, and work hard to get there. Giving up is never an option when you really want something. I can’t express how much martial arts means to me, and I'm very excited to be a part of the whistlekick family!"