Donavan Barrett

Donavan Barrett Taekwondo whistlekick Brand AmbassadorDonavan Barrett is a top-notch WTF Taekwondo athlete from Florida. He started taekwondo at age 7 with the hopes of one day being a ninja, which he hasn't fully abandoned. His goal is to travel the world inspiring people to dream as big as possible and then turn those dreams into realities.

A firm believer in working for everything you want, Donavan has seen great success in competition but now dedicates most of his training to flexibility and kicking speed.You can follow him on Instagram - @donavanTKD and on YouTube where he posts impressive videos of his personal progress as well as instructional videos on how you can improve your own flexibility.

We're honored to have Donavan as one of our Brand Ambassadors. We were fans long before we started working with him. Keep your eye on this guy, as he certainly has a bright future ahead of him. 

If you'd like to learn more about Donavan Barrett, you can check out his episode of the Martial Arts Radio podcast.

Donavan Barrett on whistlekick Martial Arts Radio Podcast