Martial Arts Coaching

Jeremy Lesniak

Over the last few years, Jeremy Lesniak, our founder and the host of the critically-acclaimed Martial Arts Radio podcast, has shown his skill for helping people. More recently, people have been reaching out to Jeremy for his unique brand of advice. You can hear some of that advice on certain episodes of the show, and now you can get that advice, personally.

Recently, Jeremy decided he wanted to continue that one-on-one style of help, but open it up to martial artists outside the podcast. Limited to availability, and first come first served, you can schedule time with Jeremy to get his input on any number of challenges you're facing in the martial arts.

Jeremy has been an incredible mentor for me personally and professionally. He has a unique and personal approach to coaching that I found to be both helpful and inspirational.

Craig Wharem, Karate International, Exeter, NH

These challenges could include:

  • Getting better at specific techniques, forms or sparring by submitting video or training one-on-one via Skype.
  • Knowing when to change schools or styles based on your own goals.
  • Handling a unique challenge with a fellow student or instructor.
  • Understanding how martial arts fits into your life.
  • And much more!

To get started, contact us, and Jeremy will reply to you soon.