Skills and Drills

MATTaC Skills & Drills is a 2-hour, dynamic, hands-on immersion training designed to help advance the teaching skills of all martial arts instructors. From the novice to the seasoned, everyone will benefit from this session.

These drills are taken from the MATTaC Level 1 curriculum, however, you do not need to have completed the Level 1 course to attend. In fact, we've found that everyone benefits greatly from this drills-only session, regardless of their attendance of other MATTaC courses.

Said another way, this is a both an excellent refresher/opportunity for advancement for those already involved in MATTaC course work, as well as a welcoming entry point for those just getting started with our methodology.

Just as with our other courses, Skills & Drills exemplifies the importance of coming together, sharing experiences, and learning together.