whistlekick - Official Sparring Gear for The North East Open

We've had synergy with the folks at the North East Open for several years, and it's one of the few events that we put on the schedule at the beginning of each calendar year. Why? Because it's a top-notch event that attracts not only excellent competitors but excellent martial artists. It's no secret that some events are more fun than others, and NEO (as some folks refer to it) is a fun event.

North East Open Logo

Which is why we're so excited to announce our partnership. While you'll see many competitors at the event wearing whistlekick sparring gear in the ring, and some of our great apparel outside of the ring, we're now the official sparring gear brand of this great event. All of our equipment is approved under the NEO 2017 rules, which is something most brands can't say.

What does that mean? Simply use the code NEO2017 for 15% off at checkout. This is good on everything we sell, so make good use of it!

This discount applies only to online purchases and cannot be used for gift certificates. 

Here is what we've received from tournament staff on the required protective equipment for this year's event.

North East Open Martial Arts Tournament Sparring Gear Requirements