Why Host whistlekick

Why Host whistlekick at Your Tournament?

There are lots of reasons why having whistlekick at your event or tournament is a good thing!

  • We work hard to make sure our network of customers and fans know where we'll be. That means increased promotion and visibility of your event. 
  • By bringing gear, face masks, mouth guards and more, tournament attendees that forgot, lost or outgrew their equipment will be prepared to compete by purchasing new equipment. This makes divisions run much smoother than the alternatives of borrowing or sharing gear.
  • We hand out stickers and other items and sometimes show old martial arts films. We've found that if the children are happy and entertained, everyone else has a better day.
  • As our brand grows, the people, organizations and events we associate with grow. We won't just attend any event, and there are some that we have chosen not to attend again. In short, attending your event can have a legitimizing effect.
  • Depending on arrangements, we may offer a commission or flat fee to the tournament and./or promoters for hosting us. This is a new revenue stream for many events.

Finally, we're not new to tournaments. We've seen a lot and we do our best to positively integrate with your event. This includes small things - like helping pick up at the end of the day to more important things - like helping make sure the children are safe and encouraged from their day of competition.

Have we convinced you? Whether the answer is "yes" or "almost," please reach out to us so we can talk about building a mutually-beneficial relationship.