5 Tips on Choosing the Best Sparring Boots

5 Tips on Choosing the Best Sparring Boots

In Martial Arts, it’s important to get the right sparring gear to serve you in every practice, training, or actual competition.

It’s not going to be a cake walk, especially without protective gear.

Sparring boots are particularly crucial in making sure that you have the optimal training experience every time you spar. It’s the first piece of protective gear that’s wise to invest in. They do more than make you look cool during practice, that’s for sure. So it would be unwise to skip purchasing this all-important training equipment.

The next question you might have would be this: what should we look for when shopping for sparring boots? We have a few tips to help you out. Five, to be exact.


Gives Ample Movement

Sparring boots should be able to allow your feet to move with less restriction while protecting them from sprains and joint injuries during training or competition.

Some people use ankle wraps before wearing sparring boots for maximum support and protection without sacrificing speed and agility.

Bulky sparring boots tend to add weight and therefore add pressure to the foot and ankle, thereby negating the protection that they’re supposed to provide. Make sure to select sparring boots that aren’t too heavy.

Whistlekick’s sparring boots are designed to enhance your footwork by letting you keep the weight where it belongs - on the ball of your foot. Ease into a pair and you’ll see what we mean.

These boots have extra reinforcement at common tear points and have superior Velcro and elastic straps so you don’t have to worry about them coming loose during critical moments.


Make no mistake: it’s always best to leave it all out on the floor and sweat it out in every practice session.

But that doesn’t mean that you’ll settle for sparring boots that stifle your feet. Most sparring boots sacrifice airflow in an attempt to provide more protection.

But your boots’ breath-ability is just as important so your feet won’t suffer from suffocation and affect your mobility.

Each whistlekick pair has cooling ventilation slots to prevent your feet from sweating all over your boots.

This allows you to move with ease, speed, comfort and agility without having sweaty feet inside your sparing boots. Not to mention reducing your chance of slipping on the floor.

Provides Mobility

Mobility is the next issue of concern. It’s only logical to try on shoes that will allow you to move with ease, comfort and power.

Your sparring boots should feel mobile, having the right weight and thickness, while providing protection for both you and your partners and opponents.

Whistlekick’s sparring boots are thin enough to provide for agility and proper mobility, while being thick enough to dramatically reduce the force of impact.

Because it’s not about restraint but protection.

Ensures Comfort

Since you’ll be spending hours training with these boots, it’s important to find a comfortable pair of sparring boots.

One that can feel soft on your feet and let them “breathe” since training can get really, really sweaty.

Some sparring boots out there are made of materials that can feel irritating, bothersome or restrictive to your feet.

This is especially frustrating since you find your balance and stability in your footwork, so sparring boots need to be really comfortable to feel like your second skin. You wouldn’t want your boots pinching your feet uncomfortably or needing constant readjustment.

This is why whistlekick made sure that our sparring boots don’t have annoying toe straps that get in the way of your training. And the premium foam material for maximum comfort and protection definitely doesn’t hurt either!

Perfect Fit

Well, this is a no-brainer. Your sparring boots should fit snugly and feel comfortable without restricting your movements.

We put this last not because it’s least important, but simply because it’s the icing on the cake for whistlekick sparring boots. Not all sparring boots out there can check the boxes for all five criteria.

Some sparring boots may provide protection and support but don’t have breathable material. Some sparring boots feel comfortable but lack the protective design.

Users of whistlekick sparring boots simply smile when running through this list because their sparring boots hold up.

Whistlekick sparring boots come in nine sizes to make sure that you get one that fits you perfectly.

After checking out the list of tips, grab your pair of whistlekick sparring boots today and go ahead with your first sparring session. Your pair of boots can’t wait to join you.

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