whistlekick Original Sparring Boot

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Simply the World's Best Sparring Boots


Designed from the ground up for maximum performance. The whistlekick Original Sparring Boot truly is the best sparring gear available. What gives us the right to say that?

  • Lightweight foot gear that allows maximum air flow for reduced sweat - far better than the fully-enclosed "shoe-style" sparring boots some use.
  • Those annoying plastic or vinyl toe straps are gone, giving you better grip on the floor and allowing you to keep your weight where it belongs - on the ball of your foot. No other foot gear allows this.
  • Reinforced everywhere it matters, and far more than the others, these boots are the most durable boot you'd ever want to wear. We've seen our gear survive over a year with frequent use and still hold up!

Faster, lighter, more durable, less sweat. What else could you want in a sparring boot? 

You may also want to check out the video at the bottom of this page. Can't see it? Click here to view it on YouTube.

For information on sizing, please consult the size chart in the images.