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whistlekick Original Sparring Boot

whistlekick Original Sparring Boot

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The whistlekick martial arts sparring boot is...

Simply the World's Best Sparring Boot


Reasons to Buy Our Sparring Boots

  1. No annoying toe strap to get caught on your toes.
  2. Softer, more resilient foam lasts longer than competing products.
  3. Quality velcro elastic strap outlasts others.
  4. More ventilation than other boots.
  5. Simply the most comfortable, durable, useful boots on the market.

From the schoolyard where she first imagined herself training to the dojo where she first fell in love with Martial Arts, Sarah always aims to give her best.

And she needed to gear up to give her best. She knows she can give her all, sweat with the best of them, and flex every muscle, to make sure she is in perfect form.

Every week, Sarah trains at least three hours, dedicated to making each kick stronger and more accurate. She’s not afraid to make mistakes or abuse her sparring gear because she knows this is the first step towards strengthening herself, hoping to better her pursuit in the martial arts. 

You’ll see her in the dojo every Saturday morning, training hard, sparring with her instructor and senior students, unafraid of getting banged up. With every hit, she pulls her belt tighter and straps her sparring boots with undeniable determination. She improves with every kick, strike, and block.

Evolutionary Design

Designed from the ground up for maximum performance. The Whistlekick Original Sparring Boot truly is the best sparring boot available. What gives us the right to say that?

Lightweight foot gear that allows maximum airflow for reduced sweat - far better than the fully-enclosed "shoe-style" sparring boots some use (and definitely not what Sarah will use again).

When Sarah trains, she means business. No room for those annoying plastic or vinyl toe straps that get in the way and make her slip around on the floor. More than a year into using her Whistlekick footgear, she’s amazed that they still look new. She’s glad to know her sparring shoes are holding up. Which is tougher: her attitude or her boots… she’s honestly not sure.

The Whistlekick Original Sparring Boots. Designed for better grip on the floor by keeping the weight where it belongs - on the ball of the foot. No other foot gear allows this. Reinforced everywhere it matters, and far more than the others, these boots are the most durable, comfortable boot to wear.

Faster, lighter, more durable, less sweat. Everything you could want in a sparring boot, and more. Comes in seven sizes for better fit, form, and functionality. Available in Stealth, Heat, Sharkskin, Barracuda and four other great colors.

Sweat & dedication not included.

For information on sizing, please consult the size chart in the images. Or, click here.


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