6 Signs that Martial Arts has Taken Over Your Life

6 Signs that Martial Arts has Taken Over Your Life

Living a martial artist’s life isn’t always rainbows and butterflies. There are certain rules you must remember as a martial artist. There are disciplines to follow and one of which is to always bring respect, honor, and discipline wherever you go. 

Despite that, having martial arts in your life will help you be more focused, goal-oriented, and apply all the things you learned from training to the real world. Here are 6 signs that martial arts have truly taken over your everyday life:

Training, Training, Training

As a martial artist, training is not an option. It is a necessity. To be a better martial artist, you need to discipline and train your body to build the muscles and gain the energy you need.

Always thinking about training might be a sign that you’re obsessing over martial arts but don’t worry! This is a good sign that you are willing, committed, and eager to become the best.

Different Mindset

Martial arts require a high level of mental focus, and to have this, you have to train each day, eat the right amount of food, get rid of all things that distract your focus.

Applying what you learned from martial arts, like controlling your anger, having longer patience, or giving respect to anyone is a habit that’s worth keeping. 

Martial Arts Movies give you so much excitement

Are you into Bruce Lee? Jet Li? More of a Donnie Yen? Or maybe you’re an avid fan of Jackie Chan? Whoever it may be, we bet that you’re thrilled whenever a new movie comes up to the theaters!

There’s no shame in admiring these legends, we can all admit that we’ve seen their films a dozen times and we totally live for it! If you’re looking for a list of movies to binge on in your free time, here are 5 Movies to Stream on Netflix.

You Break Down Techniques In Your Free Time

We’ve all been there. Being hooked with martial arts and finding yourself breaking down techniques you learned from training wherever you are. Don’t worry too much, it isn’t a bad habit, and in fact, by dissecting a martial artist's moves and combo, you will learn not only how to perform the technique, but also master how to explain it in detail, making you a better martial artist.

You pose in a fighting stance

It's fine to pose for photos at the gym, just like how we normally do. But posing your favorite stances and attacking pose, it will totally be noticeable that you’re a dedicated martial artist.

It's difficult to avoid the traditional "one-fist-up-in-front-of-you" pose when you're obsessed with martial arts. Right?

Purpose and fulfillment

The final sign that you’re really into martial arts is that it gives you a sense of purpose and fulfillment every day. Finding your life's purpose gives you a sense of fulfillment. You know what you enjoy doing, what you excel at, and how you can make a difference in the world.

If martial arts can make you feel that way, then we can assume that martial arts have indeed taken over your life.

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