7 Things You Need to Start Your Own Martial Arts Club

7 Things You Need to Start Your Own Martial Arts Club

Do you want to open a martial arts school but don't know where to start? The decision to open a martial arts school isn’t easy and it takes time to carefully plan it out. 

Creating your own martial arts club may be a lot of fun, especially because you're starting a business while doing something you enjoy. However, you're launching a business that trains individuals with fatal tactics, which can present legal difficulties. Whether you're a seasoned instructor trying to expand your empire or a newly trained instructor hoping to open your first club, here are 7 things that you need to consider to start your own martial arts club.


The first thing to consider is the instructors that you will be hiring. Before you establish your own club, it's critical that you or the instructors that you will be hiring have the necessary experience and have been graded to a specific standard. 

All martial arts have different requirements for when you can begin teaching lessons, but if you want to open your own club, it is best if you have longer experience in the field to teach the students from the basics to the most complicated skills.


Just like any business, having insurance for your own martial arts club is necessary. Businesses require commercial insurance to assist cover the costs of property damage and liability claims. Without commercial insurance, a company's owners may be forced to pay for costly losses and legal claims out of pocket.

Purchasing insurance is critical because it ensures that you are financially secure in the event of a life crisis, which is why insurance is such a vital aspect of financial planning. Just like what we said - starting your own martial arts club requires thorough planning and preparation. 


A martial arts studio's success is dependent on finding a suitable location. Each sort of location has its own set of benefits and drawbacks, so anyone considering opening a martial arts facility should assess the advantages and downsides of each to determine what is most relevant in their particular scenario. 

When looking for a location for your martial arts facility, safety and size are also important considerations. Check out this article about the 5 places you never thought you could train martial arts.


No martial arts studio can exist without students. Advertising is the most effective technique to attract students to a new dojo. Depending on your budget and target audience, there are a variety of advertising options. 

Starting a class and hoping that people show up is a risky technique. Initially, the numbers will most likely be low. An excellent idea is to invite buddies from your current class to accompany you so that any newcomers will see other people who have been trained and will not be frightened. Don’t worry! With proper advertising and marketing, your martial arts club will be known. 

First Aid Experience

Martial arts is a fun sport, but without proper training and equipment, injuries and accidents may occur. As the owner of your martial arts club/facility, it is best if you have the basic first aid knowledge as it contributes to a healthy, secure, and safer environment.

A first aid kit in your facility should also be prepared to keep it available during any circumstances.  First aid is a valuable tool to swiftly responding to incidents and ensure that injuries are treated effectively and efficiently until a skilled medical expert arrives to provide more specialized treatment.


If you’re living in a city, it is most likely to have competitions. Maybe you’re starting your martial arts club for fun but it can also be a source of income. So it’s a good idea to check out your competitors before opening your facility, even if it means attending a class or two at each to see how many students they currently have. If they're having trouble with numbers, chances are you are as well.

Examining the competitors will also reveal whether there are many clubs in the area that are comparable to your style. Carefully planning your business plan and having a good location will most likely help you to be one of the trusted martial arts clubs in your community.


Last but not least is marketing or advertising. You'll only be able to recruit members if you get the word out about your new martial arts club. Marketing does not have to be expensive. There are many ways to spread the word like posting it on social media, inviting your martial artist friends, creating a blog, or even a Youtube video introducing your business.

It's easy to become overwhelmed by the amount of work that goes into advertising. New studio owners who are unfamiliar with the advertising process can seek advice from a marketing or public relations professional for martial arts marketing concepts and campaigns. Although those services come at a cost, the additional students that result will more than make up for the money you spent.

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