Basic Strength and Conditioning Tips and Tricks

Basic Strength and Conditioning Tips and Tricks


Martial artists train almost every day to build their muscles, strength and improve their skills. But during the off-season, everyone tends to rest and stop training to celebrate different occasions or for other reasons. 

There are various key components to working out and getting healthy, such as strength and conditioning. Especially when transitioning back to training, strength and conditioning exercises can help you with your all-around fitness and can level up your martial arts game. We listed down 5 Basic Strength and Conditioning Tips and Tricks for you to apply while training.


Warm-up and Cooldown

Before starting any workout, it is important to start it off with a warm-up. Warming up for at least 5 to 10 minutes before beginning your workout can help your body, especially your circulatory system to progressively increase blood flow to your muscles and raise your body temperature to avoid discomfort and injury.

After a good amount of training, cooling down is the best way to wrap up your day. 

This allows your heart rate and breathing to slow down to a resting condition and gradually return to their pre-workout levels.



Just like any other sport, focus on martial arts is highly beneficial and important to a martial artist. When you practice focus during training, you can achieve your goals faster and be able to execute the routine properly without injuring yourself or your sparring partner.

Also, focusing on enhancing your strength and power is far more important than just kicking and punching. Don’t you agree?



One of the tenets of martial arts is discipline. It is one of the most important characteristics that a martial artist possesses. Having discipline can help you achieve your martial art goals, take responsibility for your actions, and excel in all aspects of life.



Having a routine in your martial arts training greatly benefits your body and mind. It is important to practice discipline to be able to maintain your training routine. 

You should also try not to break your routine, or come up with excuses not to exercise because this can mess up your system and your body will not be trained as much as the goals you have in mind.


Rest and Recover

The importance of recovery in your martial arts practice cannot be overstated. It helps you avoid injuries and allows your body to repair. There must always be a balance between hard work and rest. Many martial artists overlook the fact that working out too much can cause your body to break down muscle which is why having the right amount of rest, sleep, and correct diet is the best way to help you develop muscle that is stronger than before.


Be a Better Martial Artist

Technique, strength, and power are all essential weapons for a martial artist, but without adequate strength and conditioning, they can all be rendered useless. Strength training can improve all the skills you already have and conditioning will prepare and help your body perform its best during the actual fight. 

When you combine this with excellent technique and talent, YOU can be a martial artist that can be extremely difficult to defeat.

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