Best Martial Arts Tiktok Accounts to Check Out!

Best Martial Arts Tiktok Accounts to Check Out!

TikTok is one of the most used, fastest-growing, and rising social media app. It is a platform for different artists, dancers, singers, comedians, actors, or technically just anyone with different hobbies, sport, or talents. It’s a source of entertainment for anyone and some even showcase different educational content. 

Are you also currently obsessing over TikTok too? Read through our Top 7 Tiktok Martial Arts related accounts to check out:


Starting off with this Taekwondo athlete from Palermo, Italy is Michel Angelo Sampognaro. With over a million followers, he gained popularity among his amazing Taekwondo content! 

If you’re an aspiring Taekwondo athlete, you might wanna check out his Taekwondo tutorials and amazing kicks!


Next on our list is Niina Carita. She is an amazing woman martial artist with over 133.7K followers on Tiktok who showcases her Muaythai skills through her videos online.

Despite martial arts being a male-dominated sport, Niina shows that Martial Arts is a great way to protect yourself and train your body to be physically and mentally fit throughout the years. We can definitely agree that Martial Arts are also for women!


Tiktok is a form of edutainment. It serves the purpose of entertaining its viewers while still giving out educational content. 

Trevor Hannant, a master in Taekwondo uses Tiktok to teach the younger generation his skill and knowledge on this martial art. His content is a series of different kinds of kicks, punches, and workouts perfect for aspiring martial artists. 


Ever heard of a martial art that uses sticks as its weapon? 

Check out Joost Raaijmaakers or @lvl.up.martial.arts on Tiktok as he showcases his skill on stick fighting also known as  Eskrima, Arnis, or Kali - a Filipino martial art. With over 1.4 million followers, he has different videos and tutorials for you to practice at home. 


Can you believe that you can apply martial arts when doing your daily chores? Believe me or not, it’s possible.

Meet Chang Xing Liang, a Kung Fu dad who’s gone viral on Tiktok after his daughter posted a video of him doing his daily chores while showcasing his martial art moves. He has gained over 3.3 million followers on Tiktok entertaining everyone with his amazing moves despite his age. This just proves that TiktTok is not only for young ages, and as a matter of fact, YOU should show your inner martial artist too!


Sensei David, a martial artist, and entrepreneur uses his platforms Tiktok, Instagram, and Youtube to share his knowledge and some tips and tricks to practice martial arts the right way. 

His reels include different street self-defense, how to tie your Karate belts, different kicks, and many more amazing tutorials that might help you out.


Last on our list is Jarred "Bear" Fiorda. A martial artist on Tiktok with several educational content on martial arts myths, skills, and other related content that you might be interested in. He has over 19.3 million likes on his videos so it’s a must to check this account.

You might even wonder why he’s called “bear” - visit his TikTok account to find out!

Martial Arts Tiktok

Back in the day we only have Friendster, Myspace, and Second Life. We even barely use social media other than to catch up with friends. But now, everyone at any age uses different platforms to showcase their talents, communicate, and build their platform to share with the world.

Whether you like it or not, social media is undergoing a massive migration as new platforms seize the cultural zeitgeist. Tiktok as being part of the norm should be part of your list of apps to try out. You might find your martial arts friends there too!

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