BJJ and Judo YouTube Channels

Top 5 BJJ and Judo YouTube Channels

Japan is known. As one of the countries. Where martial arts history. And origins had a great impact. And it is also the country. Where Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. And Judo originated. One thing that these two have in common. Both use grappling techniques. They also have similarities. In focus, training methods. And the emphasis on leverage. And technique. That is why some people. They want to learn these two martial arts styles. While it is best to learn the two. In martial arts schools. There is also another effective way. To learn the two. And it is none other than YouTube. In this article, we will give you some recommendations. For the top 5 BJJ and Judo YouTube Channels. That might be helpful. For you to learn. And practice. 

BJJ and Judo YouTube Channels: @Shigashi84

If you want to learn. BJJ and Judo techniques. You are in the right hands. With Shintaro Higashi’s channel. He is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. And he trained under John Danaher. And Renzo Gracie. Because of his skills. In different kinds. Of martial arts. He is one of the most regarded competitors. And instructor. In the BJJ community. Higashi is best known. For his technical. And detail-oriented teaching style.

Aside from his two judo schools. In NYC. He is also teaching BJJ. And Judo lessons. On his YouTube channel. You can also see videos of him. Making commentaries. With his fellow martial artists. Which made his channel. An njoyable content. To watch. Don’t forget to add his channel. On your list of BJJ and Judo YouTube channels. As you will surely learn a lot. And have an enjoyable experience. In learning BJJ. And judo.


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a kind of martial art. That is best known for ground fighting. And over the years it has become so popular. Especially when the Gracie Family continued to develop. And refine it. Hence the existence. Of this channel. Owned by Gracie University. In the martial arts community, Grace Family is very popular. As they are the ones. Who established. The first Grace Jiu-Jitsu Academy. In Rio de Janeiro.

This channel is definitely an ideal one. If you want to learn BJJ. And apply it. In real-life scenarios. As they teach styles. And techniques. There is also a variety of videos. That you can find. On their channel. Like unseen videos of Gracie challenge fights. Different stories of people. Who does BJJ. And many others. One thing you can be sure of. For this channel. As one of the BJJ and Judo YouTube channels. Is that they give importance. To the community of martial arts. As they continue to upload videos. In the hopes of continuing. The legacy of Jiu-Jitsu.


A professional martial artist. Who teaches BJJ. And striking. For a living. That is none other than Jordan. He owns Jordan Teaches Jiu-Jitsu channel. As a way of imparting the skills he learned. For doing what he loves. Which is martial arts. 

You will surely find this channel. As an interesting one. Because his videos are full of valuable lessons. And the thumbnails of the videos. Are really eye-catching. Other than teaching BJJ. Jordan also makes commentary videos. And competition game plan. And strategies. If you need that kind of content. For your future BJJ competition. Give his channel a try. And recommend his channel. As one of BJJ and Judo YouTube channels. To subscribe on.


This channel has a very straightforward goal. And that is to help people. In learning Jiu-Jitsu. Owned by Bernardo Faria. He posts BJJ tips, and techniques. As well as matches. And interviews. In his channel, you can watch. Variety of videos. From basic techniques. To the most advanced concepts. So make sure to have this channel. On your list. Of the top 5 BJJ and Judo YouTube channels.


This channel is dedicated. In offering a unique perspective. In Judo. It also covers. A wide range of topics. Including technique breakdowns, and competition analysis. And as well as interviews. With the top athletes. And coach. Sounds interesting, right? As one of the top 5 BJJ and Judo YouTube channels. This one is definitely a breath of fresh air. When it comes to creating content. That is related to martial arts.

There are differences. Between BJJ. And Judo. But the similarities between the two. Are very significant. Especially when it comes. To movements. And techniques. Whatever you choose to learn. Between the two. Consider vising these BJJ and Judo YouTube Channels. To know how it can better help you. For your martial arts experience. And journey.

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