Can You Learn Martial Arts Online?

Can You Learn Martial Arts Online?

Can You Learn Martial Arts Online?

One of the tradeoffs from recent global events is that you now have to adjust to doing almost everything online. Pay your bills, shop for clothes and groceries, even do medical checkups in front of your screen.

So it doesn’t really come as a shock that martial arts has transcended into online learning as well. As an industry that has successfully coped with the changing times despite its ancient background, martial arts keeps on innovating without sacrificing its core principles.

Many have been skeptical as to how martial arts can be seriously conducted online since it’s highly physical and training relies heavily on face-to-face instructions, it being a contact sport and all.

Modern Martial Arts Could Fit Online Learning

The short answer is yes, modern martial arts can definitely apply remote learning structures, and here’ are the crucial learning conditions to keep a close eye on:

Instill Discipline

The student who has committed himself to train virtually must apply the highest level of discipline in order to see things through. It’s thrice as hard to train because you have all these temptations lying around the house. Like getting an extra half hour or more of sleep or lounging beside the pool. Or even just lying on the sofa doing nothing sometimes is a more enticing activity than going through all the hustle and grind of working out and training. So you have to have the ultimate discipline to be able to conduct your online training well.

Concentration Is Key

Admittedly one of the hardest hurdles to overcome in an online learning setup is the number of distractions available inside the house or wherever the student is living. Someone can get easily distracted even just by a whiff of home cooking or a text message from a friend. Or if you’re a parent who wants to learn martial arts? A cry from heard through the baby monitor is more than enough to halt your training and send you flying upstairs to check on your child.

The best antidote to all these distractions is to have a designated hour for training. No matter how much your baby cries (provided someone else is available to watch over it), or how high your laundry pile may be, you won’t let these issues derail your training session.

Training Tools

It will be very difficult to train yourself without having the right tools from your instructor. Regardless of which martial arts discipline this may be, it’s still best to get specific instructions and direction from your sensei or teacher. 

Also, don’t forget the basic conditioning and developmental training you need to make sure your body is well-prepared for a serious online training session. Whether you want to enhance your speed, strength or your fighting ability, having the right tools in mind will keep you in tip-top shape.

Space to Train

Of course, you’ll be needing ample space to conduct your training. Since martial arts is a contact sport, you’ll need some space to conduct bigger movements like punches and kicks, even if by yourself.

Make sure that the space you’ve identified both have the right vertical and horizontal clearances. It must also be free from falling debris or other constructional hazards. The room or space must also be well-ventilated since you will be sweating heavily. If the weather permits, why not do it outdoors? Just make sure you still apply proper social distancing measures.

Regular Check-In With An Expert

In Episode 525 of whistlekick Martial Arts Radio, Senseis Jenni Siu and Jason Hoard talk about their martial arts program for homeschooled students. This episode also tackles the importance of having and belonging to a supportive community, which of course involves the Sensei or expert.

Doing the training programs by yourself will have little reward since you need the proper guidance of an expert. And we have to remember: online learning doesn’t mean doing it in isolation. You still have to virtually immerse yourself in the community that’s also going through the same thing and learning the same martial arts disciplines. 

Trust your trainer and your sensei on this matter. Now more than ever, it is crucial to listen closely to what they have to say so you can protect yourself from incurring injuries or having an unfortunate experience like an accident.

whistlekick Online Programs/Trainings

This year, we are so proud that we were able to launch three online training programs to coach martial arts students from virtually all disciplines the fundamentals they need to develop and graduate to more complex disciplines. Conditioning is essential, and all martial artists know the risks you get into if you don’t condition your body for a sparring match or a fight.

Check out our online programs on speed, strength and fight conditioning to learn more about how you can apply these fundamentals to your routine.

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